Favorite scarf?

  1. So today I was playing with all my scarves (not that I have that many....) and I realized that though I love most of them there are a few that are just not rocking my world like they used to.....:wtf: I wind up wearing the same ones over and over and these poor few just sit there in their boxes.... :sad:

    I was wondering if you guys have a favorite scarf you tend to wear a lot.....and which one(s) are they?
  2. my chiffon cheval fleur
  3. ohhhh - easy! RENCONTRE OCEANE, 2001, design ANNIE FAIVRE!!!!


    Het Shopmom, which ones aren't rocking your world anymore?
  4. K, I have to admit....sadly...it's the "Caleche Elastique" pochette in the blue color-way. I really think it's the color that's just not doing it for me! And I just bought this in Vegas!
  5. oh no! don't you just hate buyers remorse????? What is it about the colour? Too bright? It's a FAB Summer scarf........with white or denim....?
  6. I don't know, K. It's a little....drab. I LOVE the design but it's the color.....hmmmm, I wonder if I could exchange it in SF for a different pochette?

    ....I usually don't feel this way when i buy a scarf....I think it was the lack of colors to choose from so I just bought the one I thought I'd get the most use from....
  7. impulse buying......join the club.....LOL!!!!! If I were you, I'd exchange it - you know with Hermes if you love it or not...and the silks are too pretty to not be in love!!!

    How about a pochette of 'decoupages'?
  8. Brise de Charms
  9. Cadre Noir with red border
  10. hscarfbracelet 001.jpg

    Aaah we need pics!!! I love my les triplets (sp?) scarf in lilac...
  11. My favorite is the Toile d' Hermès mousseline shawl! :love: :love: :love:

    Toile_de_Hermes_LaVan2.jpg Toile_de_Hermes_LaVan.jpg
  12. My favourite at the moment is the 'Les Triples' pochette in blue.:yes:
  13. My favorite is my Plumes silk mousseline scarf. It is a kind of dusty pink background and the feathers are shades of brown and pale oranges. It looks beautiful tied to my Kelly.
  14. I can't name a single favorite--too many gorgeous designs to choose from! Some I wear frequently are

    Les Jardins D'Armenie--pale pink colorway
    Early America--black/fuchsia/red/purple colorway
    www.hermes.com--black colorway
  15. LaVan, I really love that shawl. I love the smaller silks in mousseline but I'm afraid of the GM's. You haven't snagged it, have you? It's gorgeous!!! I love toile.
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