favorite SA at chanel boutique?

  1. I want to buy a classic flap soon and hoping if any of you girls has a favorite SA who is nice (have bad experience with LV SA, thus i dont want to deal wth rude chanel SA).

    The girls at Nordstrom seattle and my Saks SA are really nice, but since I am a cheapie, I prefer buying from chanel boutique as they will not charge me tax :P

  2. I am on the northeast and love to deal with Paul at Chanel in Shorthills Mall, Short Hills NJ. Please tell him that Stacy referred you if you do speak with him. He is a doll and sooooooooooo helpful!
  3. OMG I LOVE PAUL! He was the one who helped me pick out my red luxury line medium bowler! I totally agree that he is super helpful. I love the Short Hills Mall :heart:
  4. ^Paul is a sweetheart!!!
    i adore Irena at the Chanel in NM at short hills.
  5. I love Diane in Chanel at Hirshleifer's in Manhasset, NY - I picked up a bag from her an hour ago - she's great!!!
  6. okay... anybody wants to give me their phone number?
  7. I buy from NICK from Short Hills Chanel. He's GREAT and so informative. If you buy from him, he really TAKES CARE of you if you ever have any problems with your bag. He's the kind of guy that will "hook you up". He always remembers my name when I walk in and give me a bottle of spring water with a little Chanel napkin lol! (I make sure not to go in there with friends or family, or they'd think im a freak Im sure) LOL

    But I am so impressed with him!
    Tell him Linda said HI! LOL.
  8. The only one I've ever really liked was Kathleen at South Coast Plaza.
  9. TRISHA at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco. I love her. She is fantastic: not pushy, very helpful, and thorough about followup. Did I mention that I love her? The store number is 415-981-1550
  10. I agree with chincillamoose, Trisha is awesome, she is so helpful and not pushy at all :flowers:
  11. The best is Carrie at the Chanel boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas, NV
  12. my fav sa is MARIA from NM at willowbend mall in plano/dallas... she is awesome and she is nice to me and my parents!
  13. Brandon at the Bal Harbour boutique in Florida is so sweet, I love her! :tender:
  14. luccibag... i gave nick a call today and he actually laughed when i said "linda refered me to you":yes:.
  15. Alexis and Jane are my two favorites at Hirshleifer's in Manhasset. Awesome customer service.

    also do you know if you purchase a certain amount from their boutique, they will give you a $500 gift certificate. i believe you're supposed to receive 10 stamps in their passbook, each stamp representing i think $750. after 10 you receive a gift certificate for ANYTHING in their store. i haven't used mine just yet. i earned my last two stamps on thursday after purchasing a Black cerf tote with the double CCs, which ALEXIS sold to me.