Favorite romantic restaurants in SF Bay Area?

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  1. I would prefer to dine outside of the city (in San Jose, Palo Alto, etc)TIA!
  2. are you seeking recommendations only for the Peninsula/South Bay or do you have interest in the East Bay too (Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, etc)?
  3. Not quite romantic but great places to eat at if you like Cuban or Spanish cuisine...

    Los Cubanos in the downtown SJ area, off San Pedro Square

    Iberia in Menlo Park, just a short distance from the Stanford Shopping Center

    They both have fantastic, varied and reasonably priced menu slelections. These are two of my all-time favorite restaurants in the S. Bay.
  4. North of SF but food is TDF.


    if you guys like steak then I would 100% suggest Forbes Mills Steakhouse in Los Gatos (NOT the danville location).

    Service there has always been excellent, the food is amazing. Their Kobe and dry aged steaks are soo good. Their appetizers are yummy too, especially the ahi tuna, this "tomatoe" thing (lol i forgot the name and i'm not sure if they still have it but you'll know it when you see it, it's like the inside is avocado with crab and outside is tuna with seaweed salad on top, and it looks exactly like the vegetable). Oysters are really good. They also have an excellent wine and champange selection.

    Deserts is divine, lava cake is tdf. LOL..sorry to keep on going on but my bf and I always go here whenever we want to celebrate anything and they have never let us down. The atmosphere is very ritzy and it's dim so it's pretty romantic.

  6. Also try Cyrus in Healdsburg. It's amazing...Hotel Healdsburg has good deals right now as well and is a very nice place to stay.
  7. Here's another favorite of mine, The Grill On The Alley. It's located in the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose:


    It has a very intimate and elegant atmosphere. My favorites at The Grill are the crab cake, lamb chops, and creme brulee. My Director likes to host our team and customer dinners at The Grill due to their outstanding menu selections, wonderful food, and superb service from the staff.