Favorite Ramona

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  1. I'm dying for a Ramona. Have not seen the drummed leather. Which is nicer biker or drummed and also what color would you ladies go with. I understand the white is gorgeous. I want something that is striking as well as practical.
  2. I really think it is a matter of personal choice as to what type of Ramona leather you prefer. There is the calf, slick calf, patent, drummed, biker, suede, coarse suede, and exotic leathers. I would suggest going to a Choo boutique if there is one near you or going to Neimans, Saks, etc, to see which leather you prefer.

    As far as practical goes, just my opinion, but I would stay away from white/cream. Color transfer has been a problem on every white/cream bag I have ever owned. I think color is also a personal choice and depends on what you are looking for. The suede chili pops, but is not practical for me. If you like color, the hunter green and burgundy Ramonas are very pretty. I would take a look at the Ramonas in the reference library to see which color you prefer.

    Good luck!!
  3. If I were taller I'd carry a Ramona....and it would be the burgundy biker leather with the web belting that's on overstock.com! Please, someone buy it so I can stop drooling.
  4. ^That Ramona's the XL one that is like the one Abi just got. Beautiful!
  5. My favorite Ramona is my forest green Biker leather/snake model. They are no longer available. But the black and burgundy biker are still around. I also love my red slick calf Ramona, a bunch. There is a totally droolworthy crocodile Ramona in a plum-brown at the Chicago Choo for a mere 7K. That bag=Choogasm.

    I agree - stay away from light colors, unless you can keep a light bag super clean, and you wear only white. Color transfer is a b**ch.

    And, LLANeedle - you do not have to be tall to carry a Ramona. Are you more than 4 feet tall?
  6. Just a little tidbit...

    If you have a light colored bag or decide to purchase one...just get a nubuck & suede kit. It comes with an eraser and a brush to bring up the nap of the suede. And the eraser works miracles on the leather also.
  7. Hello xlawson! I vote for Biker leather too! Very lightweight (!) Yup, I just got myself an Burgundy XL Ramona in Biker Leather. The biker leather is laid-back whereas if you go for Calf, it's a little dressier - then if you need a notch higher - exotic is the way to go. I own a Black Mahala in Calf as well which can talk business when necessary. :graucho: In terms of light colored leathers - it takes commitment on maintenance and heightened awareness of your bag. I own more than a couple of different light leathers (white and cream) and fortunately I don't have problems with them (just yet). So yes, look deeper how willing you are in keeping a tight leash on your bag. If you're willing and are able - light colored bags IMHO, as long as they are kept clean and pretty - are just as fabulous!! Goodluck!!:smile:
  8. exotic snake is by far the nicest one in my opinion. its also over 3k. yeeeow!
  9. Since I only have my one and only Navy, it's my fav. It is a first edition Ramona. I really like many of the new versions, so I'm looking......

    I did see a green croc that was TDF!!
  10. My favorite is my Khaki. I have a suede embroidered one that I love but have never had the urge to use:confused1: The Khaki color goes with everything!
  11. I remember when you bought your suede embroidered Ramona Samantha...that is one very beautiful bag! :love: You don't use it? You should! It looks amazing on you! :girlsigh:
  12. If I hadn't gotten the Nude Ring, the Suede Embroidered Ramona would be my second place HG bag. I LOOOOOVE that bag, but it's probably for the best that I don't own it b/c no matter how careful and protective I'd be of it, I've got two lil ones who are extremely prone to accidents :push:
  13. Stinkerbelle, I have NEVER used it. It has been so warm here I have not wanted to wear it. We just had a cold snap and am dying to pull it out and pair it with a cozy sweater:love:...if it stays cold long enough...

    Layney, your Nude Ring was such a great choice because it is a year round bag:tup:
  14. My Favorite would have to be the Wet Look Black Patent Ramona :choochoo:

    I have the Rainbow Patchwork Python, but I would not use that bag year round, nor would it probably hold up too well as an everyday bag:hrmm:
  15. All I know is that I want one toooooooooooo*wails*