Favorite Purse of All Time?

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  1. This is my absolute favorite handbag.

    Unfortunately, I do not own it. I believe it was limited edition of 200. Almost waitlisted out when it was release ... only a very dirty one was left at the NY store. :sad:

    Bottega Veneta Nero Jardin Decalee
  2. My favorite of all time are as follows:
    - Hermes togo 30cm Birkin
    - Chanel classic caviar flap
    - LV Speedy

    The list could go on.... :biggrin:
  3. 30cm cognac chevre Birkin with palladium hardware (with a hippo lock)
  4. ur picture doesnt work

    but my all time favorite that I dont have and probably MAYBE never will... Black or Red Hermes Crocodile BIrkin with Diamond Hardware !!!!! thats a real panty melter...hehe
  5. I don't own my favorite purse... yet. I most likely won't be able to buy this exact one, but there's always a possibility that I could!

  6. I love this website....great stuff!!!
  7. Thats a nice bag! I couldn't figure out how to post the picture for you though!
  8. All time favorite bags that I desperately want to own:
    Chocolate Chevre Birkin
    Fuschia Ostrich Birkin
    Black Box Kelly
    Blue Jean Togo Birkin
  9. Here is a repost of the purse. :heart:
  10. I want one of those too! :love:

    Either red or blue jean though....
  11. ditto, except i'm partial to kellys (kellies?) myself. :love:
  12. :heart:

    One of my dream bags. I think it might be the only bag I would ever seriously consider paying over 1K for.
  13. My favourite bag is my Chanel 2.55 reissue. I love all my bags,but this one is closest to my heart.I think that it'll remain there...ah...forever?
  14. I love my Fendi Spies. And then my Chanel 2.55. And then my YSL large muse in dark choc. And then my Celine boogie in Pink Calfskin. In that order.
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