Favorite pomme vernis piece?

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Which Pomme vernis piece?

  1. Reade Pm

  2. Lexington

  3. French Purse

  4. Agenda

  5. Pochette Cles

  6. Roxburry

  7. Ludlow

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I want just one Pomme vernis piece to add to my collection. What is your favorite piece?
  2. My absolute favorite one is probably the Roxbury Drive but I don't own one....yet! ;) I do own the Lexington, key cles & the heart coin purse and :heart: them all!
  3. I prefer the heart coin purse since I have that but since it isn't available anymore, I chose the Reade PM. I know a lot of people like the Rox, but a lot of people HAVE the Rox so that kind of puts me off of it a bit.
  4. I would love a Roxbury so going with that although I have a cles, key holder and a french purse!
  5. i voted Agenda.. something small but very juicy!
  6. Lexington, Cles, Reade, Keyholder, Ludlow
  7. The Roxbury...only because I have it and LOVE it!!!!
  8. Ludlow..
  9. I voted agenda since that's the only pomme piece I have. I would've also said roxbury too though!
  10. my envelope plate definately. but to get I'd go with a french purse or a pochette if you can use it.
  11. I like the Roxbury.. but OOOO I love the Reade PM also!
  12. FP or cles
  13. I like Roxbury...
  14. my vote goes to the roxbury too! i love the look of it!
  15. Another for the roxburry.. I feel my will breaking.. if azur speedy doesn't come soon, I may just have to get one !