favorite podcasts?

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  1. im here in ND safe and sound. i'm so suprised at how big it is! really should work on that midwest stereotyping. :smile:

    anyway, realized on the train here that i can only listen to so much music and found myself craving some words. since i don't have a portable dvd player i figured podcasts or audiobooks might be the next best thing.

    what are your favorites? any subject is fine (as long as it's not TOO technical), but i'd probably prefer them to be witty in some way. and any good books you've read lately...the selection i brought has proved disappointing thus far.

    thanks ladies (and gents)!
  2. The only ones that I've ever listened to are the Ricky Gervais ones (the guy from The Office). They were brilliant and soooo funny! I particularly liked the Brokeback Mountain one that he did.

    Edit: I think most of his are free on iTunes too.
  3. My favorite is Slate's Andy Bowers. His topics and guests are soooo entertaining. The topics are all over too, not just any concentration on one type of topic.
  4. Jay and Jack, lost podcast. About the TV show lost
  5. Daily Breakfast/The Secrets of Harry Potter: tis so cute that its a geek Catholic Priest. and I'm not even Catholic..

    TWIT: best tech podcast ..

    Lostcast: Lost theories etc..

    BSG: official podcast which are meant to be listened to while watching the episdoes and the writers/prodcuers talk abou it.

    a bunch of gaming podcast (yes yes I'm a closet geek !)