Favorite PM strap too short on tall people?

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  1. Hi friends,

    I heard about Favorite is coming out in DA on April 1st just on time for my birthday, which kinda got me excited, but I am worried that the original strap will be too short for me to be worn as cross body. Spending 30 % extra and get another strap seems wasteful to me. What do you guys think? I am 175 cm (5 feet 8 inches). If anyone has it and is this tall, could please let me know your feedback and possibly share mod shots?

    Thank you!
  2. I am 5'6 and tried on the mono last week, and many times before:smile: It's too short for me. I have an Eva DE and just didn't want 2 Evas. So many people complain about the Eva strap being too long...LV should give you an option! I can't justify paying for a strap, especially after the price increase. There was a TPFer who added a little length by connecting the chain.
  3. +1, connecting the chain to the strap will definitely add some length to it. I do that with my Eva, since I'm tall and busty it falls a bit too short for my liking. Connecting the chain works perfectly for me, so I will be doing it to my Favorite MM as well.:smile:
  4. Interesting! Could you post a picture please? My Eva fits me like a glove but I have it in DE and do not thing that the dark leather strap would look any good with the DA Favorite. :nogood:
  5. You wont be using the Eva's strap you will be using the strap that comes with the Favorite, you will just clip the chain from the Favorite to the leather strap to make it longer. Hope the picture below gives you a better idea of what I'm trying to say.

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  6. I'm 5'2" and it's the perfect length on me. Probably too short for someone 5'8"
  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I understand what you mean but I have to admit that this solution does not look very attractive to me. :sad: Thank you for being helpful anyway! :heart:
  8. Yep, that`s exactly what I was worried about. I like it very much but the extra strap makes it way too expensive for such a little bag IMO. *Sigh* Thank you for your input.
  9. It is too short. I'm 5' 8" I had to buy the bolt extender for 3 more inches. It's perfect now!
  10. I hear you. I am surprised that the Favorite is now more expensive then Eva. Wasn`t it the other way around?
  11. No problem, it's not for everyone but it works for me. Other members have gotten straps from ebay, you can find vachetta straps which would go perfectly with the Favorite and also chain straps that resemble LV and is the same size as the Eva strap. They are affordable and good quality. Hope you find something that works for you. :smile:
  12. Now we are hopefully getting somewhere. What is that? Can you please locate it on the LV website? I tried looking up extender but nothing like this showed up in the search results.
  13. No, Eva was $730 and Favorite PM was $750...it's crazy. There are the chains on Ebay that many people buy for their Pochettes.
  14. Here's a quick snap (the bag is empty so not looking at its best!)

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