Favorite Places To Shop At in New York!!??!

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  1. Hey guys! I'm going to New York this weekend and I'm wondering what your favorite stores are to shop at when in NYC. If you know of any hidden gem stores that are unique, that'd be a bonus!
  2. Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, Butter. Scoop, Intermix
  3. Century 21 if you really want to deal with the crowds, and rummaging.
  4. I always like the stuff at Searle. It's a boutique there.
  5. theres a new designer out in NYC, that i really like right now. all of his stuff is handmade in NY, and the styles are all one of a kind.

    plus, since hes a new designer, his prices are still very very reasonable. he was boutique in West Village.
  6. My favorite is Bloomie's at 59th since I feel like they have a wide selection at a variety of price points.
    Boutique-wise, I love Searle. I would also try and stop by a National Jean Company for an amazing selection of jeans, and Barneys for amazing fashion.
    If you're interested in some cool second-hand, thrift, try Buffalo Exchange in the E. Village.
  7. I like Bleecker st running through greenwich village.....it has MbyMJ, juicy couture, ralph lauren, coach, pretty much anything you can think of. it also has cute little shops with unique items.