Favorite Pink Bags

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  1. Post your favorite pink Coach!

    Fuchsia demi pouch!
  2. Im not really a fan of pink in general, but I somehow wound up with two bags in the pink color family! I do love the color of both of these bags, though.
    cranberry sabrina.jpg magenta daffodil ebay 028.JPG
  3. Fun thread! I love pink, and this one is my favorite - Sonoma from a few years ago, a surprise from my Mom last year after a really hard week at work - she knew I'd been stalking it on the bay, and got it for me! :yahoo:Can't wait for Easter to bring her out again!
  4. Signature stripe floral tote
    + an accessory
    I :heart:pink!
    sig stripe flower tote.jpg op art wristlet.jpg
  5. :heart: Rose Leigh :heart:
  6. Here's my magenta Julianne and her friends.
    bag 050.jpg
  7. how timely! :nuts:

    my rose shoulder bag, rose legacy pouch, floral stripe pouch, valentines day pouch!
    R0017741.JPG R0017668.JPG R0016879.JPG R0016795.JPG
  8. Guess pink is my color...
  9. OOOOOOOOOO yay a pink thread!!!! Ok, you might hate me but I might post some accessories too cause I LOVE PINK! :shame:

    Pic 1 - Magenta 6x8 agenda

    Pic 2 - Raspberry factory minisig accessories; framed coin purse, keyfob and pillbox

    Pic 3 - magenta minisig n suede soho hobo

    Pic 4 - pink heritage stripe wristlet and small cosmetic case

    Pic 5 - raspberry lurex framed wristlet and matching miniskinny
    IMG_3203.JPG IMG_4026.JPG IMG_3963.JPG IMG_4013.JPG IMG_4250.JPG
  10. Pic 1 - Raspberry factory legacy shoulder bag

    Pics 2 & 3 - Front and back of my favorite keyfob EVER

    Pic 4 - Berry vintage violet clutch

    K, so I totally thought I had more pink coach but turns out it's mostly just accessories lol! I own oodles of pink bags though, just not all coach!
    IMG_4552.JPG IMG_2177.JPG IMG_2178.JPG IMG_4252.JPG
  11. Just for reference, here are some things I owned at one time and either returned or sold...

    Pic 1 - heritage stripe tote, two unknown bags... probably hamptons? light pink and a darker magenta

    Pic 2 - ooh I still have this BC keyfob, love!

    Pic 3 - Pink minisig shoulder bag and wristlet from the outlet... returned! I bought them cause it was a great deal but I don't like the trim all that much it turns out!

    Pic 4 - Pink patent wristlet from full price in late summer 2008?
    IMG_2089.JPG IMG_2121.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2746.JPG
  12. I don't own this (sadly), but I love the Metallic Rose leather Sabrina! :heart:
  13. Signature Stripe Floral Tote - Pink Sabrina - Rosegold Sabrina
  14. OOOOOO the rose gold sabrina is gorgeous and I'm soooooooooooo in love with the light pink sabrina.... :cloud9: if only I had the $$$!