Favorite Pie/Ice Cream Combos?

  1. Hmmm... Warm apple pie, with eggnog ice cream...
  2. I second the warm apple pie, only I like mine with home-made vanilla ice cream.
  3. warm apple pie and french vanilla ice cream. oh and with whipped cream on top!

    I like anything with homemade peppermint ice cream too :biggrin:
  4. -Chocolate with cream (and sometimes chocolate sauce on top)
    -Vanilla ice with pancakes, cream and chocolate sauce

    They are calorie bombs, which is the reason I only have them like once a year or even less, but I love them (at least the spoonfulls I eat before I get sick :shame:smile:
  5. Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream (in a separate dish!)
  6. My favorite is a warm, double crust, not too sweet, plain fruit pie with good quality vanilla ice cream like Hagen-daaz or Ben & Jerry's. I like strawberry-rhubarb, peach, blackberry and sour cherry.

    I'm a weirdo-- I don't really like apple pie, I don't like anything with a crumb topping, and I don't like cherry pie unless it's really sour. Pie is usually just too sweet for me!

    Pie is pretty much the only type of food I'm picky about :shrugs:...
  7. My aunt's sweet potato pie.
    Vanilla Ice cream.
  8. Plain, all chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top! Yummers!!
  9. I don't like pie for the most part, but I like the idea of chocolate cake w/ vanilla! Also good w/ chocolate peanut butter ice cream...
  10. cherry pie and vanilla ice cream--followed closely by apple pie with vanilla ice cream
  11. apple crumb with cinnamon ice cream!!
  12. same here, oh man!! i want some:drool:
  13. Apple pie (hot) with vanilla ice cream.