Favorite Period in Fashion

  1. I see a lot of threads on here about the latest trends, and what's going on now. Fashion is very circular, from puff sleeves in the Victorian era, to Schiaparelli's shoulder pads, and all the way to the '80s power suits, which are now turning up again in shows like Yves Saint Laurent for Spring/Summer '08, for example. I'm curious: do any of you have a favorite period in fashion history, whether you apply it to your own style or not?

    Personally, I love '20s and early '30s fashions. I try to apply certain suptle aspects to my outfits - such as wide-legged pants and more loose-fitting shirts - as well as very literal pieces, ie vintage coats and jackets, for the most part.
  2. I think I like 1950's fashion...I love a time where women looked dressy and sexy yet conservative.
  3. Love the fifties too! The overdone makeup and hair... the poofy skirts and dresses... the pumps. Like they're putting on a show!
  4. I love the 20's & 30's as well. Coco Chanel really took off in the 20's and I think that the fashion world hasn't been the same since.
  5. 1750s to french revolution. It applies lightly and more for inspiration rather than copying. I like chinoiserie and rococco.
  6. Probably the 1950's for me too. Love the bodices, darts, slim pants with ankle slits, dainty collars on dresses, everything about the era.
  7. Definately the Renaissance/Elizabethan era. Love all the layers and jewlery.
  8. 20's to the 40's.
    Personal choice modern classics...
    I am mostly big on the "Rockstar" look, with anything leather is cool for me.
  9. secessy....i don't know if somebody here know alfonz mucha?
  10. 1700's or the 1940's.
  11. lately i have been keen on that intersection where the 60's meet the 70's. maybe it is all in my mind.. i am thinking of loosened up 60's before they became sloppy janis joplin 70's. hmm, like brigit bardot or a vacationing jackie o post kennedy of course... or those photos of bianca jagger at the time of her wedding... that would be my favorite
  12. 1940s/1950s fashions.
  13. either the 1920s or the late forties early 50s.
    i love the hour glass figure
  14. same here! because i am an hourglassssss
  15. 1940s & 1950s