Favorite Pattern

  1. Hey everybody! How are you? I'm doing pretty good, havent been in the Tokidoki section in a while :push: I thought i would just come get some opinions... so what is your favorite pattern? I :heart: the Tutti Print :smile:
  2. I love so many, but I guess my top two are Foresta & Paradiso in a tie for first place.
  3. Foresta and L'amore, I love the colors and variety of the characters, especially on l'amore!
  4. Paradiso, then Foresta, Inferno, Trasporto.
  5. Paradiso, Citta, Trasporto, & Tutti sorry, can't pick just one :upsidedown:
  6. :heart:CITTA ROSA:heart: i :love: pink
  7. Inferno :devil:
  8. L'amore! and now also vacanze...
  9. my fave. is paradiso :smile:
  10. It will be a tie between Inferno & Tan Playground for me.
  11. i love the tan playground but i have none of it. :sad: it's so hard to find! next i love inferno, then citta. :smile:
  12. Pirata and maybe Citta Rosa.
  13. that's a hard one but i thinki would go with foresta, eventhouhg i don't have a bag in that print....but i tihnk pirata would be up there as well.
  14. Thanks for posting everybody! I ♥ all of those patterns!
  15. L'amore!!