Favorite Pattern for a Zucca???

  1. I want a zucca but need opinions on what print looks the best on this bag. Thanks!:smile:
  2. I love Paradiso and Inferno.
  3. I have one in L'amore, and I think it looks really cute! I would love to have one in Paradiso too... So i would recommend L'amore or Paradiso:tup:
  4. I'd say either l'amore or spiaggia
  5. inferno
  6. Hard to choose. I like all the prints in Zucca:p, but of the ones that are more readily available at outlets or on eBay, I'd say Paradiso or Inferno. But L'Amore is also lovely in Zucca. Gee, I guess I am not much help. I love them all too much to choose just one!:hrmm:
  7. I think all prints look good on zucca. At first I didn't like the shape of the zucca, but now I love it after wearing my foresta zucca.
  8. My fav is the Citta Rosa and definitely L'More. But I got one in Pirata and definitely love it as well. :smile:
  9. I am in search of the perfect Paradiso Zucca...thats next :love:.
  10. i have an inferno so i'm biased but a lot of the prints look good it just comes down to placement.
  11. I don't really like Adios Star, but for some reason I think it looks really good on a Zucca!
  12. I think foresta (bias), spiaggia (bias), and adios star are the best IMO... but paradiso and amore come in second
  13. i agree - i think most prints looks good on a zucca if u pick a good placement.

    personally i love amore zucca
  14. i have the zucca in pirata, adios, amore and spiaggia ... my fave is the spiaggia, though it would be nice to have one in foresta ... just for comparisons ... ;)
  15. my vote goes to spiaggia too. though i don't have one... seeing some of the spiaggia zucca pics. here and IRL just make me go speechless :nuts: they some have of the most perfect placements on spiaggia zuccas!

    in fact, i think spiaggia looks its best on a zucca.