Favorite Patina Acceleration Secrets......

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  1. Just got my First LV, the BH and am taking it on Vacation in a month. Any Secrets for helping the Patina? It cold and snowy and not much sun this time of year around me. So letting the sunlight darken it would be tough.... Thanks!
  2. I never new sun could help darken the handles.
  3. yes it can...that's what an SA told me girls in Japan (the Japanese love and really baby their LV!) do for months just so they don;t dirty the patina when they first use it. Or alternatively she told me to put it under a bright lamp and rotate every so often. I've never done it myself, but there ya go :smile:
  4. ^^^^^^
    There is an entire section devoted to this. Here is the link:
    good luck !!

  5. I would use a leather conditioner-- that way you get some waterproofing and moisturizing benefit, and it may darken the patina a little bit!
  6. i love just being able to do my own, even though i dont have much time and im always on the run. but with being on the run comes recklessness and a waterstain or two on the vachetta