favorite pair of jeans?

  1. whats your absolute fave pair of jeans. right now its miss sixtys eegard jeans in a dark wash, though i just picked up skinny jeans from joes..
  2. i just bought a pair of CoH naomi dark wash flares with argyle pockets....:love: them.

    my standard every day ones are sevens classic flares though. i have like four pairs of the EXACT same jeans. :shame:
  3. ^ I adore Seven's bootcuts in NYD.. they really do make you look taller! And for someone that's 5'4" that's VERY good news! :nuts:
  4. My Dolce and Gabbana dark wash jeans with the gold D&G pockets.
  5. atm it's my Paige HH in md.clean
  6. ^^^^ jen, you can choose? with your collection?

    *dropped jaw smiley* :biggrin:
  7. aarti: How do the joes skinny jeans fit?? I really want a pair of cigarette jeans from joe's jeans but I'm not sure... Do you mind telling me what wash you got? Are they stretchy? Should I size down? lol sorry for all the questions! Thanks so much!

    And to answer the question:

    Right now my favorite pair of jeans are my TR joeys and my Abercrombie straight leg!
  8. R&Rs Madrin Crown jeans are the most flattering pair of jeans I ever owned!!!
  9. Me too. :flowers:
  10. my rock & republic pink crystal crown jeans :biggrin: just got them in the mail a few days ago!
  11. My fav right now.. COH Jamaica =)
  12. Miss Sixty j-lot´s. Have two pairs in different colors.
  13. I love my Seven Roxy jeans and Marc by MJ Chrissie jeans.
  14. My dark denim stretch "pink A pocket" Sevens and my dark denim bootcut hipster Evisus with floral gulls. Love them- they hold my big ol' saggy butt in well :love: At my age ( 30's), I find myself in need of a bit of a "lift" in that department, if you know what I mean :crybaby:
  15. Hey, do you have a pic of them????