Favorite pair of everyday earrings?

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  1. I am on the hunt for some new earrings besides my pearls to wear everyday. I need to add some variety to my earring collection. So, I am just wondering what you all wear. Thanxs!
  2. My go to earrings are 2.2ct 18k yellow gold diamond studs. I have a lot of earrings and often I just look in my jewelry box unable to decide. I love these earrings because they go with everything and because of the screw backs I don't worry about losing them.
  3. I've been using my pearls forever so I can't help. But if I had to change I'd get a pair of diamond studs.
  4. I alternate most frequently between my Canturi cubism collection diamond studs and my Cartier baby trinity diamond knot studs.
  5. I have a million pairs of earrings it seems but the only ones I ever wear are my pearls or diamond studs, both of which were a gift from hubby.
  6. I automatically reach for my diamond studs. They go with everything.
  7. 1ct diamond studs
    18kt emerald
    18kt ruby square
    14kt white/gold balls
  8. so many! i mostly wear my little platinum traingles w diamonds in them or my tiffany silver bead studs
  9. I'm actually too lazy to change out my earrings on a regular basis. My everyday earrings are my 4.07 twt diamond studs. Second I go to 40mm in/out wg diamond hoops. For not, that's it for me......I have a few other pairs of hoops, etc. but never wear them.
  10. I love earrings and have many, but at least 3 times a week I am wearing my in/out pave diamonds white gold hoops (1.33ctw).
  11. My favorite everyday earrings:

    Diamond studs
    Silver ball stud earrings
    White gold hoops
  12. I wear my 2.50 tcw diamond studs every single day.
  13. I alternate between a pair of small diamond studs (0.75 tcw) and a pair of 2" hoops by Charles Garnier (The Perfect Hoops). They are the only hoops I can wear because they have a special post to make them hang straight against my face.
  14. ^^Garnier has wonderful hoops - not only do they help face straight out but they are so comfortable!!