Favorite Organic Chocolate

  1. I read recently that cacao beans are one of the crops most heavily sprayed with pesticides. :yucky: As an avowed chocoholic, I'm trying to convert over to organic chocolate. I've tried a couple, but haven't found a favorite yet. Please post your favorite organic chocolate!
  2. I don't know if Trader Joe's is organic, but I don't think they'd use chemical pesticides :shrugs:

    They have these huge 1lb Belgian chocolate bars that are to die for! And they're only ~$3!!
  3. I'm not a big chocolate fan (crazy as that seems), but my DH read that dark chocolate is good for you so he eats a little piece of Newman's Own every day. I think it's organic.
  4. The only organic chocolate that I can think of is Green & Blacks. I love their dark chocolate.
  5. I forgot what the brand is (:sad:) but I got it at Wild Oats. SO yummy.
  6. I love Green & Blacks! Their Hazelnut & Currant dark chocolate bar sounds funky, but is so delicious..
  7. I will third Green & Blacks. love the way it melts in your mouth. U can get it at whole food!!!