Favorite online weather site?

  1. OK, here's a dumb question. Where do you folks get your weather forecasts? I've always just popped on weather.com since my computer is always on, but lately the site can be sooooooo slow (I use a cable modem, so this is just weird). Any other sites you recommend?
  2. I downloaded weatherbug. The temp is always flashing in the corner of my computer screen next to the time and I can click on it anytime and get up to date weather for my area.
  3. this is the one I use, too. It has great satellite photo gif's, too.
  4. I use the Weather Channel's website :smile:
  5. Very cool! I knew you all would be of help. These are all great suggestions and I'll try them all! I'm especially intrigued by weatherbug. :yahoo:
  6. ^I really like it!
    Warning though, it makes a cricket sound when there's a weather bulletin, so keep your volume down low! LOL!
    My computer chirps a little everyday, it doesn't bother me, but I freaked out the first time it happened!
  7. I like weatherbug, too. I also use met.fsu.edu this is the FSU Meteorology website (where I went to school). I've been using both since I was in college, and prefer either to weather.com
  8. i go to weatherchannel.com
  9. weather.com!
  10. I use yahoo weather.