Favorite online games

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  1. What are your favorite online games?

    I'm addicted to:
    Be trapped!
    Text twist
    Daily Jigsaw (shockwave.com)
  2. Gunbound!
  3. yeah! i play gb too!
  4. msn/yahoo spades
    text twist
    scrabble blast
  5. I play Everquest 1 and 2 .. but almost always 2 now, since it makes 1 seem gimped lol.
  6. Bejeweled2 (addictinggames.com)

    I can spend hours playing this. I even dream about it. Ridiculous, I know.
  7. poker at partypoker.com
  8. I play Yahoo! Euchre (yes I'm from Michigan, lol) and dominoes, and sometimes word racer.
  9. Nothing really anymore, I used to be a big D2 fan, as well as SC. WC3 or WoW just didn't really appeal to me.. maybe when SC2 finally comes out after years of agonizing waiting, I'll start it up again. I really hate CS as well.. grr !!
  10. awesome! now i can play games on line and do the forum! :smile:
  11. My BF is on Battlefield right now or something.

    He was on Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest. My favorite one that he played was Wolfenstein. When he goes off to the kitchen, I'd play some and run away when he comes back cause I usually get killed.

  12. Nice! I need to start playing again, I haven't logged in foreverrrrrrr!:nuts: