Favorite "On Demand" Workouts?

  1. I was browsing through the Comcast Cable On Demand Fitness Workouts and there are so many options!

    What are your favorites?

    Which ones are worth the time?

    Which ones are high impact / low impact?

    Which ones make you sore?

    How does the workout compare to popular DVD and gym workouts?

    Please post your reviews of the workouts here.
  2. OK, I'll start. Yesterday I did the Yoga Inter/Adv Full Body, 41 minutes with John Vitarelli. It moved right along and I was a little sore afterward. Good use of time. Similar to what I do at the gym, with less warm up and cool down. Sometimes the practice at the gym is more thorough, sometimes not. Lots of Vinyasas and forward folds. (Would have liked more twists and lunges and hip work.) He includes a headstand and handstand for advanced yogis. Easy to follow if you have already learned the poses. Not annoying or chatty. :smile:

    I would do this again on days I have time for a full Yoga practice.
  3. I am gonna have to check this out...I have done a few of the morning short yoga sessions, but it was a long time ago.