favorite NON STICKY glosses?

  1. Yes folks they are out there!
    Lip balms count too!
    So dish! :graucho:
  2. I am in love with super plain, super cheap, super non fancy chap stick. It makes my lips look fresh, plump, and just a tad bit flushed.
  3. Christian Dior and Chanel glosses are my fave. I HATE Mac, it feels like Elmer's Glue!!
  4. I think it's fair to say that I have tried them all, and my absolute favourite are Smashbox lipgloss.

    They really keeps your lips hydrated, it's not greasy at all and your hair doesn't get stuck to your lips! Comes in fab colours too! I just ordered a set of 20 mini smashbox lip glosses so that should keep me happy for a while:smile:
  5. Bourjois Eau de Gloss(sp?) - not sticky at all, but doesn't stay on for long
  6. MAC is the worse yuck!!!

    L'Oreal is my fave and tastes yummy. you can get it at any drugstore
  7. I want to go for smashboxx as well!
    chanel glossimers was too sticky/tacky on me.
    I use trish mcevoy sheer gloss in lipstick form, so I don't have to go through those messy applicators. I also have rose salve but I hate that it gets everywhere though.
  8. I like Dior ultra glosses, they are not sticky at all, and do last. However, the diorkiss is sticky. Chanel glosses are not bad, but they are a tad sticky imo.

    I havent tried smashbox glosses, but I think i might now.
  9. I love Cargo and now they have purse glosses so no more annoying pots. Put me in the "hate sticky" camp!
  10. Vincent Logo are a good try. I've always liked the silky feel of mine.
  11. chanel glossimers!! Not sticky, HTH!!

    The worst? mac lipglass. Never again.
  12. beauty rush
  13. clinique and recently, lancome!

    dior too!
  14. MAC Lipgelee has a great non-sticky texture and lots of beautiful colors. Lots of gloss for the price too and easy to apply. Lipglass is really tacky, but I still love it :smile:
  15. Prescriptives Rain Glosses aren't sticky.