Favorite Neutral Bag

  1. Would you please share with me what your favorite neutral bag is - the brand, style and color? Sharing pictures would be great too.

    I wear jeans and t-shirts basically 90% of my life. I find myself really lusting after bags that are tan, sienna, and cognac but I also have quite a few in navy blue. I am just curious what your casual jeans handbag look is. Thanks, Peggy
  2. Black caviar flap bag
  3. Either my balenciaga ink city or my chloe mousse paddington
  4. Mono speedy
  5. Gucci large horsebit hobo in tan!
  6. coach khaki signature tote.
  7. Browns my favorite color, but it doesnt go with everything so I usually take my white satchel out, since white is more versatile but at the same time it has brown trim.
  8. I just got my Kooba Sienna in desert and it makes an excellent neutral jeans bag. Otherwise my ink city and cornflower first are great neutrals. When I think about it I just have neutral looking bags (dark grey paddy, chocolate Edith and black medium Gaucho they go with everything)
  9. YSL Muse in Chocolate, large size. It goes with everything!
  10. Gerard Darel. The color is caramel.
    Gerard Darel.JPG
  11. Chocolate Jimmy Choo Ramona or LV Cabas Mezzo for everyday...
  12. I know this isn't high end but one of my favorite neutral casual bags is the leather BR hobo. Also like my Andrea Brueckner bag in the tan color.
  13. My favorite neutral bag would have to be my Bottega Veneta ball bag in hazelnut. BV bags are so well made and the leather is like butter. Here's a pic.
  14. I have a beautiful leather camel Hogan shopper that goes with everything. I also love my new metallic bronze Botkier Safari bag! It, too, goes with everything.