Favorite mulberry season!

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  1. I thought this would be kind of fun and maybe start an interesting convo!

    Mine is spring 2013 :smile:
    With fall 2012 as my second!
    What's your all yours?!
  2. Spring summer and autumn winter 2007
  3. Spring 2012. It's what first drew me to mulberry. Loved the silky snake Alexa's and the postmans lock satchel, still have this one now.
  4. Spring/summer 2012 and Autumn/Winter 2012...

    Fabulous designs, gorgeous colours, reasonable prices...what's not to like?
  5. I know right I was wondering if princes would be a factor :O
  6. Help me out please Elvis :flowers: from my signature .
  7. Annie and phoebe were 2006 and roxy and Rosie were before that I think
  8. Thank you Elvis . What were the 2007 bags ?
  9. Smithfield
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    autumn winter 2012- petrol and blackforest!
    and they finally brought back nickel hardware on bags!
  11. Ah yes . A vintage year indeed .
  12. Need to do some homework me thinks !!
  13. The year the ltd ed union jacks came out S/S 2012
  14. A great thread, but I really don't have a clue what bags came when. I think it would be A/W 2102 at a guess - can anyone tell by my fav bags?

    Daria black spongey
    Taylor fur print oak
    Oak Bryn shiny grain
    Alexa soft buffalo nickel hardware
    Ink Alexa tassel midnight Heavy suede

    I guess I'm quite lucky that the bags hitting the outlets are the ones that have caught my eye of late. I'm definitely a A/W person where my wardrobe is concerned too.

    And total randoms, Oak Pheobe, Mitzy hobo, foggy grey alexa, small black Daria satchel, conker lexi, conker polly.
  15. AW 2011 -fox lock collection especially
    AW 2012- tweed,tassel bags, colours, metallics the lot!