Favorite MONOGRAM Evening/"Going out at night" Purse

  1. Which MONOGRAM purse do like the most or think is the best for the evening or going out at night... this might include dinner, long periods of standing around and socializing, dancing/moving, or just hanging out with friends after dinner... e.t.c.

    Basically, which monogram bag do you think is best for a "girls night out in town?"

    Preferably not the pochette accessoires...
  2. Monogram Speedy! It goes with everything and it holds a ton. But I ordered a Manhattan PM and I think it will take over as my going out bag once it arrives. If you want a smaller bag, the Sophie would work nicely because you can sling it around you for safekeeping.
  3. Tikal PM.

    Mine is shown on the right in this pic


    I love it, it's the perfect small size, easy to carry, and unique.
  4. ^ Ita. Or a Beverly clutch, Mini Sac HL, Marelle MM...
  5. i use my Pochette Marelle as an evening bag. it can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag
  6. I like the simple pochette or the tikal.
  7. It has to be a shoulder bag then I guess, clutches or hand helds won't do any good in the disco!

    I use Pochette melville or a small wristlet usually.
  8. sophie
  9. Sonatine.
  10. I have the recital on my list for that purpose. A cheaper alternative that I would also use but equally stylish is a mini mono papillon. I have the damier baby papillon and want to get the twin sister this coming fall.
  11. The croissant is also a nice bag for a night out on the town. The recital is a bit more polished looking and for a dressier party. The croissant I can see with a cute trendy outfit. The mini mono papillon I think is very versatile and would look great w/ any attire but you have to be carrying light, like a small compact/lip gloss and some cash/cards, no wallet will fit in it.
  12. Sophie or Manhattan PM
  13. I prefer something small like the pochette or recital. Just big enough to carry my essentials and small enough to be discreet.
  14. Sophie!
  15. I agree with fantastic_3...I believe the pochette or recital would be perfect!