Favorite MM vs. Speedy 30 DE???

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  1. I know it seems like a strange comparison since one is a clutch and the other a handbag, but I'm just trying to figure out what my 2nd LV should be (my first is Eva in Azur).

    So I already got the Speedy but it's still in the bag unused and I have another day to exchange it for the Favorite.

    I got the Speedy because I wanted a 'classic' but I'm now wondering if it will be functional at all for me. I don't intend to use it as a everyday bag b/c it would be annoying not being able to carry it on my shoulder. I feel like having to carry it on my arm/in hand will get tiring even if I'm out shopping, or during a day in the city. I think I'd prefer to have my hands free...? It would work for a 'date night', dinner, but it seems to be too big to bring to a wedding, reception, etc?

    Speedy Owners - do you ever find carrying it annoying?? (not counting Speedy B of course)

    So I'd have to pay an extra $80 for the MM and it's a smaller bag - so it doesn't seem like a good idea on the surface. But I think it may be more useful. My Eva is 2 years old and I find it to be so useful. I use it for an all day bag when I don't need to carry too much stuff, on vacations when I'm out sightseeing all day, and of course - evenings, receptions, dinners, etc. So I'm thinking the Favorite MM will be all that plus extra room. And it will let me give my Eva a rest if I alternate between the two.

    Do you think the Favorite will be a permanent addition to the LV brand? I'm wondering if it will have a great resale value like the Speedy does... ?

    SO CONFUSED! And I only have another day to decide... :shucks::confused1:

    Please help me decide: Speedy 30 vs. Favorite?? Pros/Cons for each??
  2. I think you should exchange your Speedy for a Speedy B. You already have an Eva to use as a clutch/wedding/vacation bag.
  3. ^^ agree
  4. I would exchange it for the Speedy B. I have the Speedy 30 and I prefer my Speedy B more. You already have the Eva and if you do get the Speedy B, you have three ways to carry it.
  5. Thank you all!

    I would love to get the Speedy B! I guess I'm just reluctant about paying so much more for the strap lol I'm hoping to stay in the same (800ish) price range so I can continue to save for a Chanel <sigh>

    If I had to keep it between the regular Speedy & Favorite - you guys don't think I should get another clutch?
  6. well, i would suggest speedy B as well, but since you don't want to spend extra money (imo it may deserve it), i think there is no problem buying another clutch since it will be mono. i think the MM may hold more than eva and azur for me is seasonal so you may need a classic mono clutch in your collection. But still, i think that it can't be an everyday bag unless you cary too little. But if you already have a shoulder bag for work, then exchange for favorite if it will make you happier. I have a speedy DE 30 and i absolutely love it but i don't use it every single day as it is handheld and not very convenient for shopping etc. i use it when i go out for a walk, dinner, cinema etc. Well, in your case, go for the favorite (if not speedy B). Eva is my smartest purchase and i guess favorite is sth similar. good luck!
  7. I would suggest speedy since you already have an Eva and it serves the same purpose as the favorite.
  8. You already have an Eva, so I'm definitely not going to suggest the Favorite as your 2nd bag. The downsides you see in the Speedy are pretty accurate, coming from a Speedy owner. For that reason I would exchange for the Speedy B. You get everything you wanted in the Speedy plus the convenience you're looking for, and you expand and diversify your collection.
  9. I just got the Favorite MM this past weekend, and I love it. I personally don't like the Speedy. I prefer shoulder bags. The Speedy B is okay. It would depend on your needs. The Favorite is perfect for trips when you don't need a load of stuff. It fits my Sarah wallet and phone comfortably with room for lipgloss or a compact or something else. When I want to carry my life with me, I take my Tivoli. It seems like I would always be digging around in a Speedy looking for my stuff. So if you can make due with another smaller bag, then the Favorite gets my vote. But if you really desire something with more space, it's more practical to get a Speedy B or look for something else. Azur Eva is beautiful! I want one! I don't think they're too similar
  10. I've a Speedy DE 30 and i just love the bag and it's my everyday bag. It's so versatile & practical. I'm thinking of getting a fav either pm or mm for shopping or dinner. Maybe u should exchange your Speedy for a Speedy B since u've a beautiful Eva already. Good luck in deciding... :biggrin:
  11. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! So you are able to use your Speedy regularly without getting tired carrying it? Maybe it's just a matter of me getting used to the idea of a hand-held bag, since all my medium-large ones are shoulder.

    The Eva is amazing! It fits a surprising amount of stuff in it eventhough it looks small. A wallet is usually too big for it so I usually have to just toss in a credit card and loose cash. But other than that, it fits my iPhone, car keys, compact, a couple of lip gloss & eyeliners - without feeling stuffed.
  12. Congrats on the Favorite! It sounds amazing! How do you feel about the strap? I've only seen it in pictures so far but I'm not crazy about the loop thing, stitching & the fact that it's shorter than Eva's long strap. I guess if I did get the Fav, I'd probably use my Eva strap when I want to wear it crossbody and the other strap for one-shoulder.
  13. Thanks!! Do you have the strap-less Speedy or the B? What do you end up using it for?
  14. Thanks!

    I just picked up a Gucci tote that I'm planning on turning into my everday (I do carry a lot lol) so I guess I'm looking for something to use on days that I only need to carry a few essentials - if that makes any sense.

    Good to know that you're happy with your Speedy! Maybe I just need to get used to the idea of a handheld and use it for the occasions you mentioned.

    I'm definitely going to need that Favorite eventually though :biggrin: The Eva is my favorite at the moment too - so versatile!
  15. It honestly doesn't bother me. If I had the Eva strap, I'd probably rather use it just because it's quicker to just clip the Eva on rather than try to loop through the other strap. I'm only 5'2 though, so this strap sits perfectly on me. So far I've only used it crossbody, so helpful when you're out and about. Good luck making your decision!