Favorite mm flap

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  1. After a long winter (j/k, it snowed yet again today!), I took my favorite bag out. I last used it this past December. I noticed the right side of the flap is wavy (first photo). The left side is flat (second photo). The bag pictured here is empty but I did try stuffing it to see if it goes away. It didn't. The flap itself is wavy. I had stored it stuffed with a few papers and placed it in its dust bag and laid it sideways inside a Louis Vuitton brown bag. Now I am worried I must have stored it incorrectly because I didn't lay it flat and I didn't (over)stuff it.
    I bought it in Sept of last year. I am going to take the bag to the store on Sunday to see what they say.
    Help! What do you think happened to my bag?? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460148623.187756.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460148638.821250.jpg
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  2. It looks like it wasn't stored flat. Try opening the flap and placing a heavy book on it for awhile and see if it gets better.
  3. mine was like that and I got so frustated I sold her and bought her again in ebene which is doing just fine

  4. If it was me, I would do this also.
  5. If by some chance, it has to do with the magnet, do this--stuff the bag, & close the flap but put a moderately thick piece of fabric between the flap and the body of the bag.. . I used a dust bag, folded. Reclose the flap with the fabric between and lay that baby on its back, in or out of its dust bag. . . For a wk or so. Such maintenance! Hope this works for your Favorite.
  6. Thank you guys for the tips. I will try them out. I hope it will work out.
  7. Hey! Keep us posted ok? I don't know how it is with canvas, could you perhaps out a towel on it and with VERY VERY low heat flatten it out? I know you can do that with the Chanel caviar flaps. But since it's canvas I don't know how it is with the glazing. I was thinking just to warm it not heat it. Either way I hope it works out! Here's a hug! Good luck and keep us posted!

  8. Mine was like that when I purchased it. It eventually went away. Haven't had any issues with it since and I've had mine for over 2 yrs. I think it may have been the chain. If the chain gets stuck between the bag and flap for a long period it can leave a mark.
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  9. I needed that hug! 😫😫
  10. Thank you. I'm going to start with this. I think because i had kept it sideways, the magnet closed askew which may have caused the bump. Hopefully I'll have some good news in a week.
  11. This is such a high maintenance bag... If u get this issue sorted out, start storing it stuffed when not in use with something between the magnet and the flap to prevent that dreaded crease that myself and others here have had. I don't know why this bag gives so much problems....
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    Mine was also like that when I bought it. There was another bag available and it was the same. The SA told me it would go away when the canvas softens and it's due to the shape of the bag. I agree with KS3. I think it has more to do with how they stored the bag with the strap and chain tucked in.
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