Favorite mm Azur or Twinset/twice emp. Rose ballerine

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  1. I want to purchase a small cross body bag for spring/summer. Which one do you recommend? I really like favorite but I don't like magnetic closure. Twice seems practical and pretty. But I worry if I overstuff the bag it will stretch out the leather. Which bag would fit more and be more practical? I have a Damier Eva which I use everyday and I love it. Want to buy another small crossbody bag to alternate. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. I got a twinset/twice mono with noir black combo for Christmas and love it have been carrying it ever since!! I am a crossbody small bag fan and this is perfect. I love how it has the compartments so I can carry a lot but separate stuff and my full size emillie wallet even fits in the from flap compartment. I haven't had any problems with it and love the carefree black strap color that goes with everything and feel the black with mono combo is stunning! I was considering getting the favorite in azur for summer to but unsure how I'd like that magnetic closure too! but honestly I feel like the twice can be all year around as well! it's so hard to decide!!
  3. Magnetic closure is my main concern. Also I heard strap is very short. I am glad you like your twice. i think it is more secure than favorite.
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  4. ^^^+1 agree with jillyfish, the compartments and extra security in the twice won me over the favorite
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  5. Yeah I hesitated on the favorite over that magnetic closure when I deciding between the favorite or the eva. I need security
  6. I just got a favorite mm in azure and love it! The magnetic closure is really strong and I'm in love with this print. If you're worried about the length of the strap, you should try it on in he store. It drops to my hip and I'm 5'5.
  7. I recently got the twice in noir and I absolutely love it. It's such an easy comfortable bag. I also have the Eva and I can fit much more in the twice however I do not carry a full size wallet in it.
  8. I really like the twice. Not sure I would get RB. I love the color but I would worry about getting it dirty. I would get it in a darker color! It keeps going to the bottom of my wish list!
  9. Update-just went to store and bought twice in emp. In rose ballerine. Favorite's closure is really weak. At least the one they gave me to try is. My husband told me to get LV twist. I didn't plan to spend that much on a small crossbody bag. I also tried lock me 2 bb which I really like too. But they only had one in black color. At the end I bought twice since they only had one in rose ballerine. But I kept thinking if I should exchange for lock me 2 bb if I can find one in rosé ballerine color?