Favorite MM and PM style.... does the item look dated to you because of the metal in front ?

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  1. Favorite MM and PM style.... does the item look dated to you because of the metal in front ?

    Do you like the way the item looks or does it look dated to you?

    I really want to like the item because it looks like a functional clutch, but the item just looks dated to me.
    The gold metal plate in the front makes it look dated for some reason.
    Anyone else think so ?

    Due to the dated look, I can't seem to want to buy it....
  2. Interesting, I've never thought that. I think it looks like a classic piece, I see similar small metal plating on all kinds of bags to date. I love the way this bag looks. As you said it's a functional clutch but works as a cross body or shoulder bag for casual purposes too.

    I think this bag is discontinued however? Hopefully someone else chimes in if I'm wrong, but it's no longer available on the Canadian website. So if you do think it's a bag for you, I would act fast if that's the case.
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  3. I really like that bag. I think it looks very classy not dated.
  4. I don't. I do think Thames and Galliera look dated by their plates, though.
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  5. Totally agree with you on the Thames and Galleria. I still like the Favorite PM or MM; it is very functional and doesn't look dated to me.
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  6. I totally agree with you on the Thames and Galleria looking dated. I like the Favorite MM or PM, still looks classic to me.
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  7. I just purchased a favorite mm yesterday and loved it! I even used it in the evening for a day out with my 2 older children. It’s a classic piece and I prefer the Damier over the monogram.
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  8. I get the feeling that you think it looks dated. ;)

    I don’t think it does but that really doesn’t matter. You need to pass. You’ll never love it. Find something you love.
  9. I loved mine. I had the pm in de with the red interior. I loved the small plate and don’t think it makes the bag look dated at all. I found the big plate on the Eva too much... for a small bag. I have the plate on my hampstead mm too but it’s more proportional to the bag in my opinion. The small plate on the favorite makes it look classy and sleek to me.
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  10. I second that wholeheartedly!
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  11. I think without the plate it would look fairly boring... and this plate is small and modern looking IMO, it’s not the old fashioned kind
  12. I like it with the plate, it’s not outdated or over the top at all. It’s like the cles vernis with the plate that is now removed. I love that plate.
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  13. LOL no. The plate is tiny. It's not like the Damier Eva.
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  14. The only thing I personally find a bit dated on the bag is the shape, since we're currently at the age of super clean minimal lines. The plate itself looks fine to me as it looks quite small and minimal... not like the one Eva had, which definitely gave it a retro look.
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  15. It never crossed my mind that the Favorite looks dated. Actually the metal plate makes it look more elegant compared to other small bags. I think it´s a timeless little bag. My mom thinks it´s my best looking bag ;) .
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