Favorite mid-level bags?

  1. I'm interested in finding new bag lines. I'm talking about bags in the price range of Coach, Hayden-Harnett....Companies that also have bags with nice details and interesting colors. What bags are you excited about? What websites do you shop?
  2. Ooh- I'm so glad you posted this! I was just thinking the same thing. I'd love to find out about some fab boutique brands that don't give themselves away as soon as you see them. I love my fashion-house bags, but you can totally tell who makes them and how much money you spent right out of the gate. I'd love to find some lesser known- great designers. I love Botkier- although she's become big in her own right...I saw some great Andrew Marc bags at Saks- he's a jacket maker- but the bags I saw were beautiful. Also Elise Atheniese makes some pretty bags.
  3. paolo masi & cromia are the lastest two i purchased at tj maxx. the leather is rich and hardware nice. also bought a cute guess bag & wallet for under $50. worked for a quick fix without the guilt...lol
  4. they have decent handbags at TJ MAXX? i never knew that. that's good to hear. i'm gonna go check it out! anyways, yea i was wondering the same thing. i'd feel way too guilty splurging on handbags...although they fulfill your satisfaction :rolleyes:
  5. ours also had some dooney&bourke in crocodile. was nice if i didnt have the ostrich(which i paid full price for).
  6. I love my Gryson!
  7. Michael Kors is my current favorite mid-range purse designer.

    His handbags are easy to find in lots of department stores and places like TJmaxx and Marshall's.

    He has lots of different styles and they are pretty good quality for a good price most of the time.
  8. I think Bulga bags are great, beautiful leather.
  9. Agreed! Bulga is a nice mid-range. I'm also gonna have to put my 2 cents in for Kooba and Isabella Fiore (my faves)... Some sites I regularly shop are Adasa, Karizma Boutique, and Active Endeavors.

    I recommend browsing through the Deals & Steals section of this site - you'll find many references to great online stores, many of which offer promotional codes as well.

    Happy hunting!
  10. Adore Bulga and while I love my Kooba, I think that the Bulga is a better deal for the money.

    I like Botkier though her prices have gotten more expensive since she became popular.

    I think Hayden Harnett is a great line and you really get a bang for your buck there.
  11. I love Marc by Marc Jacobs! He comes out with some really cute and quirky bags, and the Miss Marc bags are adorable IMO. The leather on one of my older bags is holding up really well too. I've used and abused it for 2 years and it still looks pretty new!
  12. I like Hayden Harnett and Furla for more traditional bags. I love my Kooba Sienna and some of the other Kooba bags. Based on postings on PF I think Tano bags looks great too. Tano is likely to be my next purchase.
  13. Tano, without a doubt.

    Incredible quailty for a very low price

  14. robyn, that tano bag looks gorgeous! I've been thinking about getting one; what's the name of that one?

    and what does everyone think about sondra roberts?
  15. Lambertson Truex make great bags! I get a fabric one from them every year. You can also get them on sale from NM.