Favorite Metal

  1. What Is Your Favorite Metal For Your Jewels? Platinum? Gold (White, Yellow, Rose)? Sterling? Other? .........What Do You Wear Most?

    I Love Everything....It Depends On The Piece. I Mostly Wear Platinum & White Gold.
  2. I would also have to say Platinum and White Gold.
  3. Almost all of my jewelry is either platinum and white gold - It just looks best on my skin.
  4. My first choice is platinum.
    My second choice is white gold.
    I do have several pieces in sterling silver too.
  5. platinum white rosé yellow gold i love them all just depends on the style or stones on the jewelry
  6. i personally hate yellow gold, esp with diamonds. I love white gold with diamonds, but i usually only wear rose gold. My skin has pink undertones and i think it looks the best on me. plus you don't see it coming and going.
  7. Yellow and white gold for me. Platinum picks up dirt and fingerprints like a magnet.
  8. Pink Gold and sometimes green gold.
  9. i like white metals. i'm not picky. :smile: i own white gold and sterling. i'm not a fan of yellow gold in general, but sometimes wear fake gold plate stuff when i go out sometimes for fun and a change of pace...
  10. Well I guess I am the odd one, I LOVE yellow gold, especially 18k, and yg is pretty much all I wear!:biggrin:
  11. Me too!! I've got tons of it! Literally :shocked: !
  12. White metals! Mostly white gold, but I have some pieces in yellow gold too. And I love sterling silver jewelry from the sixties.
  13. white gold, then sterling silver
  14. Platinum and White Gold. :smile:
  15. I love yellow gold! My next favorite is platinum.
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