Favorite metal framed sunglasses?

  1. I always buy oversized plastic sunglasses, but I really like the look of some of the metal framed glasses. I feel very unsure about picking a pair, since I've never worn them. Anyone have a favorite they want to recommend? I guess I'm also trying to figure out whether they should be oversized, small, close to the face, etc. I don't know! TIA!
  2. Not really sure what style you are referring to but I couldn't live without my Rayban mini aviators. I have the silver reflective lens ones
  3. Thanks, Mooks, the price is soooo right on those, that I'm already done trying to decide!

    ETA: I've googled Rayban mini aviators, but I'm not sure i'm coming up with the right ones. Do you know the formal name for the silver ones? Thanks again.
  4. Hold on, will check mine
  5. The mini aviator can be tricky to find, some branches of Sunglass Hut have them while others seem to know nothing about them. I lucked out and found mine in Denver but asking when I was in New Jersey got me nowhere.

    The model number is: RB3025 W3275 55 14
  6. Thx, you're the greatest! :smile:
  7. Anytime! They are rockin' sunnies
  8. At the risk of boring others, I almost didn't bump this up, but I couldn't resist. These glasses are so unexpectedly pretty. I ordered these sunglasses off eBay from a reputable seller. I just looked for the 3025 and 3275 in the ray-ban aviator descriptions. I was a little concerned about getting mirrored sunglasses, but the mirroring is what makes them so pretty. Like wearing sterling silver lenses. I thought I'd bump this up, in case anyone else is looking for cute metal framed sunglasses that are pretty darn cheap compared to the rest of the glasses most of us like. Anyway, hope I didn't bore too many people with this one! Thanks again, Mooks!
  9. You're welcome! Are you going to post a pic? I LOVE those sunnies, they are so rockin'