Favorite MC pieces?

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  1. Hi ladies, so first I have to brag, but I just received the most GORGEOUS MC scarf from the fantastic smallfry!! I love it :love: , so cute, it will be my main summer fashion accessory, I can already tell! I never really liked the MC line all that much, but now that I have a piece I'm thrilled with it - the colors are so vibrant and there are so many of them, I love all the shades. I think I had seen so many fake MC bags around here that I just assumed that real MC pieces weren't all that great, but they ARE :P

    So now I'm all excited about MC - like I need another LV line to obsess over! But here's a question for you MC owners - I'm heading up to Chicago over the summer to visit friends and will of course be hitting the Mich. Ave LV boutique. I'd love to buy a black MC accessory while I'm there. I was wondering what you ladies would suggest. I really like the Black MC wapity (so cute!) but I can also see getting a lot of use out of a smallish MC wallet (and I'm ultimately saving up for a black epi speedy, so a MC wallet would be a good investment). I'm not so into the Pochette Accessories, though, because I think it would look a little small on me. Any other black MC suggestions?

    Oh man, once you go LV, you never go back!!
  2. I like the white MC Trouville, Alma and Speedy. The Pochette looks so cute but I've seen i t everywhere. Wallets are gorgeous!
  3. Ooh, I love the white speedy too, but I think it's going to be out of my budget. I can only afford one speedy this year, and I think it's going to be the black epi speedy (will last me years, can tie new scarf to it!). But let me tell you, if I had the cash, I would be snatching up a MC speedy pronto :smile:
  4. I love either the black or white keepall, black or white Mc speedy,
    Black alma but the white is starting to grow on me. White Trouville, either the white or black Pti,the black Audra(sp)

    But the black pochette
    and either white or black key cles. I think would be great.. OR what about the little mc coin wallet.. Porte plat I think its called

  5. Buy a black MC mirror! It's not that expensive, but extremely cute and useful! I also love my Ipod case, but I think they only come in white MC right now!
  6. My favorite MC items are the smaller accessories. I love the wapity in white! So cute :love: I also love the MC agenda, I almost bought one but went with the Vernis agenda in framboise. For wallets, I love the Koala and the French Purse.
  7. My favorite MC pieces are all in this pic.
    Speedy, Eye Need You, Eye Miss You, Pochettes, Alma, Cles.
    I am very happy with my color choices for ALL the pieces.:love:
  8. LV addict, you have the greatest LV collection - all your pieces are beautiful! I'm really liking your cles, it's got a lovely patina! I'm probably not in the market for a big bag, so I'm thinking wapity at this point (but the agenda is so tempting, thanks Cristina!). I actually really like the new perfo pochette plate, but I know I would get tired of carrying it in my hand. Plus I need something that I know I can stash the cell phone in. So I'll start "saving my pennies" (as my mom says!) for the wapity :smile:
  9. I adore the shirley, but it's kind of pricey considering how much "bag" you actually get. Why not a wallet, like the french purse or the koala to match your future speedy purchase ?
  10. Congrats on your new scarf!! And beautiful collection Irene!

    In terms of small accessories, the black wapity is my favorite but the mirror sounds like a good idea too.
  11. I love my black MC Koala wallet and Petite Noe. :smile: :smile:
  12. In terms of small accessories, I think a black MC wallet is a great investment. It think it will look pretty good with your Epi Speedy!;)
    And thank you ALL for your lovely comments.
  13. Alma/Speedy/Pouchette accessory
  14. I think the wapity's a good value. If I had the extra $$ that MC speedy (black or white) would be in my hot little hand!
  15. i heart everything white MC. i would buy all the pieces for no good reason too.. like, a speedy.. why does a guy need a speedy? shrugs. haha. it's luggage! look at that thing!

    but mostly, i loveeeeeeeee LOVE the MC hard luggage.

    but i'll take a few keepalls too. haha.