Favorite Makeup Brands

  1. What are they?

    Mine are
  2. I love Bare Escentuals and MAC. I used to wear Chanel a lot, but not so much anymore, however, I have a couple of their quads that I LOVE. Dior has some nice items too, but there is never anyone working at our counter in Dillards and the testers are just nasty and never clean, so it turns me off of the brand completely.
  3. I'm not a huge makeup girl but I think MAC makes the best concealer. I also love the Makeup Store(some local brand i think? MAC-esque quality eyeshadows but in bigger pots), Sugarbaby Cosmetics (Hail Australia!) uh... and Burts Bees, if that counts.
  4. basically dior, but:

    for eyeliners; MAc,

    for touche eclat; YSL
  5. I love almost everything from MAC, so they're my favourite, but I also love Cliniques mascaras and eyeliners, Chanels mascara, glossimers and nail polishes, NARS blushes and lipsticks, and i think that's it :p
  6. bare escentuals for their foundation and glimmers
    Makeup Forever
    Bobbi Brown
  7. chanel, YSL and Shu Umemura
  8. right now i love bobbi brown and geurlain(the packaging is TDF)
  9. MAC for eyeliner.
    Chanel and Nars for everything else!
  10. Laura Mercier, YSL, chanel
  11. I really like prescriptives foundation, mac eyeliners, chanel nail polish and glossamers, mac lipglass and blush.
  12. Chanel and Geurlain
  13. Estee Lauder makeup, and Bobbi Brown make-up brushes
  14. Chanel and Dior!! I :heart: YSL's lip gloss too!
  15. Bobbi Brown, Dior for lip gloss, Chanel for lip gloss and mascara and Clinique for mascara and eyelash primer.