Favorite "made up" words

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  1. We had a funny discussion on the Chanel forum about a bag that looked like a penis. I used my kid's favorite word to describe it and it was very well received. I thought it might be fun to see everyone else's made-up words - we all have 'em! Please supply definition.

    Weenus = combination of penis and weiner.
  2. What about phrases?

    "What one?"

    "What it is?"

    "What it is it?"
  3. son of a motherless goat!
  4. "These ones" or "Those ones."
  5. cooter- ( i could of sworn I made this word!)- maens vagina. LOL
  6. Gunt - the fatty area that women and men get that resides below the stomach and on top of the pubic region.

    -for example, see any woman or man in polyester slacks over the age of 65.
  7. ^^^^ they've been saying this on the Howard Stern show for years. It is funny.
  8. most of my made up words involve obscenities mixed together, lol...so perhaps not quite appropriate to post!
  9. "Smerf!" Can be used as noun, adjective, adverb, verb...
    "The music gets noodled on page four." Something my voice teacher said.. it means that the notes jump around.
    "Motherflower" For my police explorers class, an officer was reading a report to give us an example of how we should write one and he censored all the words. This one was my favorite.

    There's other but I can't remember them.
  10. Hubby and I love making new names for banks ...

    Instead of Wells Fargo: Wells Chargo
    Instead of Citibank: Sh**ybank

    And our apartment building:
    Instead of Clay Park Towers: Crap Fart Towers

    My old condominium building:
    Instead of Pine Terrace: Pine Terror
  11. My boys made up the word "furzy" for fuzzy+furry when they were little. DH and I still say it.

  12. I always called it a "front bum"

    Most of my made up words also involve obsenities too (variations on the f-bomb)!

    One that I use alot is: bazillion (means ALOT of something...between a billion and a zillion),.
  13. Fiddlesticks.....I don't know where I heard but I say when it don't want to say the F-word...
  14. I use 'a bajillion' (or sometimes 'a skillion') to talk about large quantities of something.
  15. Stinkerwinks~ what I call my boys if they are being goofy or well, little stinkers!