favorite LV bags of moms??

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  1. Saw this in past threads, but with the release of the new styles like Montorgueil, Palermo and Galliera, what LV bag is now used/favored by moms with young kids? How do these hold up against the favorites like Neverfull and Batignolles styles? Other favorites?
  2. A bit off-topic, but I didn't know that Neverful is a "favorite"...? I thought it was disliked by many here b/c it doesn't hold up
  3. My favorite is the BH.
  4. I do really like the BH. But my favorite (and I now its handheld) is the Speedy 30. I usually end up with toys and things in my bag and speedy is big enough to hold it all. And when its at my elbow I can still hold hands. I really like my Cabas Mezzo too.
  5. My favorites are my Tivoli GM, Large Looping, Multipli-Cite, and Speedy 35. They are all roomy enough for my stuff and dd's essentials-juice box, little snack, wipes, epi-pen (peanut allergy :sad:) and little toy. On days I use a smaller bag ie Hudson pm, Chanel flap; I pack her little purse (mini HL) with 1/2 of her stuff and I carry the rest!
  6. I think the Tivoli GM and the MOnty GM will be the most practical choices. (Oh sorry, I am not a mom but I do carry my life with me).
  7. my mom loves her cabas piano and popincourt haut.
  8. I'm a mom of an active 3.5 y/o boy and my favorite mama bag is BH, the second is a tie between speedy 30 and croissant gm.
  9. For a mom on the go like me? I carry a closet full everyday.. My galliera or speedy 30, then my neverfull gm/diaper bag and a pochette mc for mobile stuff and ofcourse my softbriefcase for my mac book... so there:sweatdrop:
  10. I've been using my BH, however always keeping my eye out for a new one! :graucho:

    I'm thinking about the Palermo PM, Galliera PM or even GM... or even the Tivoli... oh yeah even the Epi Madeleine GM, Passy or Jasmine (all 3 in Iviore). The Jasmine because it just looks so classy and elegant, not for any practical reasons. So many choices so little hands! :roflmfao:

    I've got an almost 3 yr. old son and one baby boy on the way! I'm interested if anyone has the epi madeleine or passy. What's your experience with these bags? :tdown: :tup: Inquiring mind wants to know. :girlsigh:

  11. Tivoli GM
  12. Oscar Waltz! It is such a lovely bag...
  13. Not exactly my favourite but my practical bag..damier saleya MM..I have a little boy 21 months old ;)
  14. BH! Doubles as a diaper bag and a purse. Not much vachetta to worry about. I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old.
  15. For me a zip top is key, and a wider bag, so I vote for the Monty GM, which is on my wish list right now!