Favorite LV Accessories!!!

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  1. I am looking to purchase a small lv accessorie. what is your absoulte favorite and you cant live without it. Hope it helps me decide what to purcahse.
  2. I love the Cles, because they are affordable and it's a great way to have a little piece of lots of different collections.
  3. i love my Inclusion Speedy Keyrings too; i'll be getting the white and pink ones soon:wlae:.
  4. I guess I would have to say Panda Cles. That is the ONLY small accessory I have left.:lol:
  5. Is it really? Do you not like the accessories?
  6. i love my cles' (damier and mono). they are quite handy to have, i use it all the time. especially when valet parking, you can just unclip the wallet and still have your keys in the car.

    i love my pochette although i haven't used it a while. it's good for holding my small essentials...i toss it my school bag and can grab it and go when needed.

    i like my koala agenda also. i'm still adjusting to the smallness but after evaluating and re-evaluating what exactly I need it for/why I'm using it, it's a handy little thing to have.
  7. I adore the latest multicolor pastilles chain key ring! Gorgeous!!
  8. I have to say the piece I cannot live without is the 4-Key Holder. I love them!!!! I've had 3 so far! They are so convienent and when you don't need your keys they fold up nicely in there out of sight and not touching or scraching my bags!!
  9. I LOVE the idea of those but they don't fit my key!

    My favorite small item would be cles! They're very useful and cute!
  10. Cles all the way! I have three of them and they are multi-purpose. :yes:
  11. Cles! Cles! Cles! :yahoo:
  12. My favorite is the Cles as well. You can never have too many.
  13. a cles! i just love them and they're very useful
  14. cles
  15. cles..for my keys,coin $,cards..
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