Favorite LV Accessories Hiding In Your Bbag?

  1. Since the Bbag accessories are so few and far between (besides being quite pricey) I am wondering how many of you have LV wallets, coin purses, makeup bags, etc. tucked inside in their Bbags? That Berlingot is awfully cute, and over on the LV threads, there are plenty of Wapity-lovers. So....? And, if so, do you go for the classic monogram, or the Damier, the White Multicolore, the Black Multicolore, or something else entirely?
  2. In my black First, the only LV accessories I have are my mono wapity (to hold camera) and a mono coin purse. I guess I like mono accessories then. :p However, I am about to get a damier cles next week to put into my bag. :graucho:
  3. I have three LV wallets and their corresponding accessories that I rotate: Mono, Damier and Mono Mini Khaki TST.
  4. I have a multicolor wapity... I REALLY want a multicolor koala wallet.
  5. I have a gorgeous bronze vernis 4 key holder. My balenciaga toilet case holds all of my misc. stuff so I have no need for a wapity or other LV accessories.
  6. Although I don't really use any of my LV handbag anymore since my bbag addiction started last Nov, but I still love my LV accessories. I carry LV multicolor Pochette Porte wallet and LV monogram accessory bag in my city.
  7. multicolore accessories are the best with bbags! all those beautiful colors are right off the bbag swatches. i always carry my black wapity, white agenda, and white carnet de bal in my bags.
  8. I have 2 different LV wallets that I rotate and I do have a LV make up bag but I find it is too stiff for my soft Bbags so I'm still looking for a new make up bag.
  9. I carry the mono zippy wallet and alternate my mono cosmetic pouch with black bal toilet case. The lv accessories wear so well!
  10. i snuck my black LV MC PTI, LV panda organizer and white LV MC cles in my b bags :p
  11. Even though I'm not a fan of the LV bags I just love their accessories. I have a red epi wallet which I use quite a bit but for my my magenta I use my Dior Gaucho wallet. My key chain is LV and I'm planning on getting a MC white wapity so that I can switch with my Balenciaga toilet case. IMO the LV accessories are more durable because of the canvas. My b toilet case looks a bit worn on the edges because it's leather.
  12. I ALWAYS pop these into my B bags:

    Framboise vernis ludlow (or french purse)
    Framboise vernis mini agenda
    Framboise vernis cles

    Is it obvious that I like pink?! ;)
  13. I have a damier credit card wallet and a red epi checkbook. ;)
  14. I love LV accessories - so fun and definitely very durable - I can see these lasting me decades without showing much or any wear... I always carry my LV accordeon wallet, koala small agenda, and groom cles.
  15. My mono pochette - am using it as a make-up bag!:yes: