Favorite Lush scents?

  1. Hope I am posting this in the correct spot, and I hope it hasn't already been answered--I searched and didn't find! LOL.

    I don't have a Lush retailer anywhere near me and I am thinking of ordering online. I think I'll probably order a couple bath bombs, and a couple bubble bars. Any suggestions on scents? I really like fresh/clean scents, nothing too overly sweet.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!
  2. lush doesn't have too many overly sweet products. their stuff is more of the "earthy" type, like patchouli, lavendar, ect. they have a great website, when you click on the item you're interested in, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see user reviews. they also have a pretty good forum. even when going into the acutual store, you can't always tell what you're smelling because all of the other smells. good luck.
  3. Avobath, and Big Blue both have fresh clean scents that aren't overpowering.
  4. I like think pink bath bombs (kinda sweet), tramp shower gel(very earthy), silky underwear powder(fresh/clean scent), blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bars(fresh/earthy scent),I should coco soap(sweet), karma bubble bar(earthy scent), and honey I washed the kid soap(very sweet almost border sickly sweet).
  5. I love Sultana of Soap and the Blackberry bath bomb. Berry scents are my fave!
  6. i just put in my first ever order with lush and it got sent out yesterday so no reviews yet:sad:
  7. i'm going to my lush store tomorrow, so i can restock... i can't live w/o my lemony flutter & the hubby is obsessed w/ i :heart: juicy. i tend to choose the sickening sweet things myself...
  8. I love "The comforter" bubble bar.
  9. Flying Fox is the sexiest scent ever! I also love All that Jas bath bomb, Karma bubble bar, Floating Island melt, Sex Bomb, Big Blue bomb, and Blue Skies bubble bar.

    Anyone near a store - they are having a great promo right now, all "naked" (unpackaged) items are buy 2, get 1 free, no limit. This includes bombs, bubble bars, soaps, melts, etc.
  10. Thanks for the info... makes me feel better about the 30min. drive tomorrow!
  11. My favs are the avobath bomb,karma bubble bath,you've been mangoed bath melt and butterball bath bomb. Hope this helps.