Favorite lotion DISCONTINUED. Help me find a replacement!

  1. I thought maybe eBay, but not one bottle one there even! They have several bottles of the light color, which I adore, so maybe I should stock up while I have the chance. Did they discontinue the light color too?
  2. Annoying, I know!! You know, if I were you I would contact Nivea USA directly and ask if you can buy a case or something. I know that my mom has done this once or twice with her favorite discontinued items, and they will generally sell them to you, no problem.

    And I did get some samples of the Laura Mercier and the Perfekt products today at Sephora (they didn't have the DuWop that I mentioned above). I will let you know how they work - I also don't want a self-tanner, just a bit of color that I can control for when I need it.
  3. I also saw some of the light color on Amazon.com for almost $40!!! :nuts:
  4. Did you try bath & body works? They may have something similar.
  5. ^^Yes, and the prices on ebay are CRAZY!!!! I'm in shock!
  6. This lotion formula was great! I too loved it and still have 1/2 bottle left, I only use it in the summer on vacation and If I could take it off and put it back in the bottle, I would. LOL I ended up making my own! I bought some broze loose powder shimmer from drugstore.com and mixed it with walmart equate plane unscented lotion. use half the bottle of lotion. mix with all the loose power bronz shimmer. It's almost the same thing.
    I am chemist.
    pour lotion in a small mixing bowl, and stir in the loose powered it will mix smooth and be bronz shimmery, I put it in those cute travel size bottles, makes about 6 bottles 3 oz.
    good luck!!!!
  7. Hi! Were you able to find an alternative for the Nivea Silky Shimmer Lotion? I'm actually going crazy as well because mine is more than halfway finished! Booo!! :nogood:

    I actually found this organic product for the face+body, but I haven't tried it yet. It's not a bronzer, so that's definitely a plus! It's supposedly used by celebs & makeup artists, and it supposedly smells great. :smile:


    Has anyone used/heard about it before?

    I also found this other product online which sounds great: http://www.smashbox.com/product/6008/17776/Body/ARTIFICIAL-LIGHT-LUMINIZING-LOTION/Studio-Artist-Favorite/index.tmpl

    Both products are semi-affordable (approximately $25)
  8. I STILL miss this lotion. smdh
  9. this is a great idea!
  10. I use Johnson and Johnson moisturizing lotion.