Favorite lotion DISCONTINUED. Help me find a replacement!

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  1. I love Nivea's "Silky Shimmer Lotion" in the medium/dark color. This lotion is NOT their still popular self tanner lotion. It's a flesh colored lotion with shimmer that looks great on my legs in the summer. Well low and behold it's discontinued! :crybaby: :crybaby: Now I need a replacement. I've tried the Michael Kors stick bronzer thingy, but I didn't like the smell and it wasn't dark enough for my skin tone.

    Can anyone PLEASE recommend something similar? I'm heartbroken I can't find this anymore. :crybaby:

    This was it:
  2. What about L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel? I just bought some, haven't tried it yet. It rinses off with soap and water. Says for darker tone, use multiple applications...
    The label says it also gives radiance and hydration
  3. ^^Is it a self tanner or just a lotion? The one I loved was a lotion (no tanning effect). Sounds interesting though!
  4. bath and body works normally has some shimmer lotions
  5. ^^But is the lotion medium beige color? Not just shimmer, but color + shimmer is what I want.
  6. I developed an allergy to self tanners, and was desperate to find something that could cover my blindingly white legs!

    I use Smashbox, Body lights glowing Lotion, and I love it! It dries and doesn't stain my clothes. I was told by a Smashbox rep. that the Victoria Secret models use this product for the photo shoots, and runway shows.
  7. Not a self tanner - just there until you wash it off. IDK if it is suitable for more than one day without washing off

    The bottle says "NEW", so hopefully it will be around for awhile if you decide to use it:smile:
  8. In the current Lucky, the beauthy editor, Jean Godfrey discussed Lancome Flash bronzer- I think this is a self-tanner, but it sound like it may have color and shimmer too. Otherwise, Scott Barnes Body Bling, which is shimmer & color only, might be the thing.
  9. I found Nars to be fairly difficult to use. You have to kind of warm it up before each use to get the oil to mix with the bronze/shimmer. It has a nice smell though.
  10. ^ Yep, I have seen it as TJ's once in a while, too -

    beauxgoris, I have been on the lookout for something like the Nivea you prefer, too - and I can tell you one thing that definitely does NOT work, and that is LORAC's Tantalizer Body Bronzer (it has some shimmer in it). I applied it as directed, waited a very long time before dressing, and it still stained everything I was wearing permanently.

    You might want to check out Perfekt Beauty's Body Perfection Gel, though - they have it at Sephora, and offer a darker shade. You could get a sample, too, before buying:

    DuWop also has a body bronzer with SPF (I haven't tried this one, though):

    And I also saw this one by Laura Mercier (again, just body bronzer):

    If I see anything else, I will let you know - I am going to Sephora tomorrow myself so I may just get some samples and report back to you all, as this is something that would be really useful for me to have as well. I am medium/olive-skinned, so the lotions made for fair people don't work for me, either.
  11. ^^Thank you loquita (and everyone else that replied). I just can't pay $60.00 for 4oz of the NARS. I'm so upset the Nivea was perfect and CHEAP. It seems things I love are always discontinued.

    The Scott Barnes product sounds very similar, but again more expensive. I need to stalk the drugstore and see if anyone else makes a similar product. There have to be other people that want the shimmer and tone, but don't want a self tanning product, right?

  12. can you hunt the last ones down at every drugstore and stock up??
  13. Check Big Lots if you have one. They often have disconitnued items, and they are usually really inexpensive.
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