Favorite Living Artist

  1. I like art, very much, but it is not often that I get all giddy over a modern artist. I am crazy about Michael Young!:tender: :tender: :tender: Who is your favorite?
  2. Hmmmm not sure. So many. I have a question. Who is the artist (contemporary) who does portraits but they are rather grotesque and distorted women? He is VERY popular but I am not sure of his name.
    Does anyone know who I am talking about? I have seen his art several times. I know he is in some major metropolitan museums.
    Anyone know?
  3. oh my, i have sooo much in mind, hmmm living artist... :
    1. takashi murakami
    2. yoshitomo nara
    3. chiho aoshima
    4. francesco clemente
  4. Botero perhaps? Does he do massive sculptures as well?
  5. I think you're talking about John Currin? He seems to have a very effective publicist.
    I'd have to say my favorite living artist is my husband. :heart:
  6. does your DH have a wdebsite? Where can we see his work?
  7. Yep thats it. His stuff is weird but I like it as its innovative and not typical.
    Thanks for the name!!
  8. Are you talking about Willem de Kooning? He did a series of "Woman" paintings and he's an abstract expressionist. I think one of them was picked by the Clintons to be displayed in the White House during the Clinton administration.

    I don't have a lot of favorite contemporary artists. I'm really into Matthew Barney's movies (Cremaster Cycle and Drawing Restraint 9) and this summer I am going to see his vaseline sculputres and drawings at the San Francisco MOMA. The only other living artist I can think of that I like is Wayne Thiebaud. I also like Francis Bacon, but he died in the early 90s.
  9. Edna Hibel is my favorite living artist. Her paintings are gorgeous. She has a special place in her heart for the bond between mother & child, and this is a recurring theme in her artwork. A friend & I will be attending her 90th birthday party and I can't wait to meet her.

  10. Juarez Machado - first saw an exhibition of his in Paris in 1998 - all I could afford was a poster but I treasure it. I believe he is Argentinian.
  11. ooh a thread just for me! (I'm an artist... in training)

    anyhoo- my faves are- yinka shonibare, julie mehretu, jane alexander, paul mccarthy, pipilotti rist, lorna simpson... and oh so many more!
  12. I love Chihuly. I got to see his exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens two years ago & it was just breathtaking.

    I have some pictures that I took with my camera phone. I wish the exhibit had been permanent, it looked amazing with the gardens.
    OrchidHouse.jpg PlantHouseBalls.jpg GlassGarden.jpg atlanta 2004 1.jpg
  13. I'm so bad about following current artists, like embarrassingly bad for an art history major who works in an art museum! But I love the photographs of Francois Marie Banier, especially his that he adds paint and writing to. I'm like 99% sure he's still alive hehe. I really had no exposure to him until the photography museum across from where I lived in Paris put on an exposition of his work and I fell in love.

    I also enjoy Gerhard Richter and Andreas Girsky... although Girsky's photographs need to be seen in person, the size is so important and they don't look nearly as interesting on the internet.

    I used to love Chihuly... when he did his own work! The whole "factory" artist aspect bothers me...