Favorite Liquid Lipsticks

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  1. I was a little late to the whole liquid lipstick craze and didn't buy any until around January, however now I feel like they are all I wear! Does anyone have any favourite brands that they'd recommend or do any of you primarily wear liquid matte lipsticks?
  2. I recommend Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick. I have it in Rose Matter & Mannequin. They are so comfortable on my lips,pigmented & taste like root beer! View attachment 3411105
    I have Lime Crime liquid lipstick in Polly (pink mauve) however it's really drying on my lips but the product is long wearing & last on my lips throughout the day.
    I don't reach out for liquid lipsticks everyday.
    What about yourself? Which liquid lipsticks do u recommend?
  3. I also have been wrapped in the whole liquid lipstick craze. I think the Kat Von d ones are the best. It's more of a satin finish and feel. Extremely lightweight on the lips!
  4. I've heard great things about Jeffree Star, may need to purchase a couple at some point. So far I've played it safe and stuck to anything I can get from Sephora (in case I need to return or exchange). I've tried Kat Von D, ABH, Tarte, and Too Faced. Tarte are probably my favourite because of the consistency - they dry matte but they still feel moisturizing and are soft. They do have a tendency to transfer though. I love the colour selection for ABH and KVD. Too Faced I found drying but they do not budge! I just use a lip primer underneath.
    I love the colours in her collection! I agree the finish isn't quite matte, I'm tempted to try a product I saw by Smashbox called Insta-Matte that can mattify any lipstick shade.
  5. Stila all day is my favorite
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  6. Jeffree Star, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Colourpop are amazing!!! I also love the metallic ones that Milani Cosmetics released.
  7. Dose of Colors is my favorite!
  8. I really want to try these, but the colours I want are always out of stock!
  9. People sleep on the Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks but they are the best IMO - they last forever, don't feel drying and are comfortable to wear. I'm also liking the new Smashbox ones recently released. Kat Von D are really good too.

    On the drugstore side, NYX and Milani makes really excellent liquid lipsticks too.
  10. I can see the hype around Kat Von D and Stila liquid lipsticks. I enjoy KVD Lolita and Stila Baci. I've also heard really good things about the new Smashbox Always On Matte LL. Going to try that next!
  11. Colourpop was my first brand. At the time I wasn't sure liquid matte was for me. It was cheap enough to dip my toe into. I got addicted and now I won't wear anything but matte. Problem with colourpop is that I've gotten several bad batches and they won't do a return or exchange. I don't regret purchasing them but I am a bit turned off. In all fairness, i purchased ALOT and got about 3 that were bad. I have gotten their lippie Stix and they are more comfortable and easier to work with, although they don't last as long as the liquid lipstick. I am now buying NYX and I am liking it so far.
    Beeper, tulle, and cami(lippie stix) are my top favorite from colourpop.
  12. Dior
  13. KVD is a little too drying and enhances lines on my lips too much so I can't wear it. but it does have amazing transfer proof lasting power.
    My personal favs now are
    Smashbox liquid lipstick - not as drying, transfers a little but still long lasting
    Bare Essentials Gen Nude liquid lipstick - new line, not drying at all and very good range of neutral wearable colors. Does have moderate color transfer ....
  14. Formula wise? Stila stay all day or The Balm Meet Matte.
    Color range wise? Anastasia Beverly Hills and Kat Von D.
  15. The ones by Gerard Cosmetics work best for me personally.
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