Favorite lip glosss brand and color??

  1. I need something new for my lips. I usually wear a lipstick with liner and a gloss over it. I have heard a few girls rave about chanel glossimer? Do you like it? Do you wear it alone or over a lipstick? If anyone has a favorite gloss that I could wear daily I would love to heear all about it?? thank you
  2. I LOVE the Cargo Purse Glosses!!! They aren't sticky at all, almost watery, and very shiny and sparkly.
  3. Oh man, I have to pick just one?!?! :p

    If I could only pick once color, I'd choose a pinkish/peachy/nude with a touch of shimmer. I have pinkish lips, so I can wear this shade with almost anything-- it's very neutral. These are my favorites...

    Chanel Glossimer in Sundress:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    L'Oreal Colorjuice in Strawberry Smoothie
    (very similar to Sundress):
    Tarte Sunglosses set (Zack & Kelly, Moondoggie & Gidget and Frankie & Annette)- all the colors are really shimmery and neutral and they unsnap so you can mix and match them.
  4. ^^I love the names of those Tarte Sunglosses!!!
  5. ^ Meeee too :p
    All the gloss duos are named after famous couples! I think it's so cute!! :love:
  6. Glossimer Pagoda & Spark
  7. I really loved the smashbox o gloss- although some people didnt like it, i went ahead and bought it. I'm really pale and it made my lips so full of color and this nice pink hue.
  8. my favorite lipgloss is chanel glossimer in blizzard. it was my first glossimer and i've been using this color this i was in high school.
  9. The Sundress Glossimer looks gorgeous! I can't wait to try some new shades when I go shopping later this week!
  10. My favourite gloss is Shiseido G27. It's a lovely rose with subtle golden shimmer. I like to line and fill in with MAC Whirl lipliner, then apply Shiseido on top.
  11. Chanel Glossimer: Big Bang! It looks orange in the tube, but on my lips it's the perfect shade and it works to brighten up my face when I'm wearing very little make up.
  12. I technically live of these

    In tender pink



    My cherry amour and pink lemonade.
  13. I like Chanel glossimer in Glaze, Stila lip glaze in Vanilla and MAC lipglass in Nymphette. I wear them alone w/o liner.

  14. My favorite is NARS striptease for everyday, but I just got this new one by Chanel called brush-on creme lipcolor in creme caramel and I love it. It seems like a cross between a lipstick and gloss, the color looks great!! It is hard to pick just one, so my other fave is Chanel in Pin-Up, I use that one alot in the summer with just a bronzer.
  15. Sometimes I pair random lipsticks (most often Chanel Rouge Allure or MAC lipsticks) as a base coat, underneath lipglosses. I have a ton of Glossimers and they are FABULOUS! Just wait for Candace..she'll tell you how much she loves them! I love all the colors, but one of my favorite colors is Pagoda. It's a peachy color..very shimmery and neutral. Glossimers aren't sticky! :tup: