Favorite "Light" Ice Cream?

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  1. I tried some Breyer's heartsmart last week (eh, not so good, kinda bad aftertaste) and some Edy's slow-churned light french silk last night (yum!).

    What's your favorite?
  2. Skinny cow!!!! So delicious.
  3. Hagen-Daaz and Ben and Jerry's both make REALLY good light versions. I only buy them when they're on sale or I have a coupon. Edy's slow churned is my favorite of the cheaper brands.

    When I'm on a diet, I usually buy sherbet instead of ice cream. I'm not a fan of "light" products in general...
  4. Edy's slow churned is THE best ice cream. IMO you can't even tell it's light ice cream. My fave flavor is Peanutbutter cup. I've tried the regular Edy's PB cup and definately prefer the slow churned more!
  5. I love Skinny Cow, it taste like the real thing!
  6. Dreyer's Raspberry Chip Royale is delicious. I didn't even know it was light when I fell in love with it.
  7. Dreyer's light cookies and cream is really good. It doesn't taste any different than the real thing.
  8. I agree, I love both those brands. I usually get light frozen yogurt instead of ice cream these days, I especially like the Ben and Jerry's choc fudge brownie one.
  9. Looove Edy's slow churned Cookies and cream and cherry chocolate chip!!! YUM!
  10. Edy's Slow Churned and the new Edy's Slow Churned Fat free Vanilla! YUM!
  11. Healthy Choice caramel ice cream sandwiches are the best!!!! I also like all of the Weight Watcher ice cream products.
  12. I had gestational diabetes when pregnant and had a skinny cow ice cream sandwhich every night. Soooo yummy!
  13. Another vote for edy's slow churned. totally cant tell its diet. Another favorite of mine isnt quite ice cream but its sooooo rich and is SUPER light in calories and fat...Hagen-Daaz chocolate sorbet. raspberry is yummy too!! :drool:
  14. Edy's light is awesome! But... I love Publix store brand light ice cream and yogurt just as much. I actually prefer some of the Publix over Edy's!
  15. ^^ I miss publix ice cream!!! best ice cream ever ...

    but I LOVE haagen das light blueberry cheesecake ... it has pieces of graham cracker in it YUM!!! I can't remember if it's ice cream or yogurt but it is so good!!