Favorite Legacy Bag????

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  1. ALI



  4. MANDI

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  1. I Saw Something Similar To This Poll To Help Someone Decide Which To Buy. Now That You Have One Which Is Your Favorite?
  2. I have the Mandi but have to say Ali...definitely! I love that bag!!
  3. I have and love the shoulder. I think I would put all 4 styles to good use if I had them lol.
  4. I have and LOVE the Shoulder Bag - it's my fave
  5. I voted shoulder cause I want one in whiskey! My birthday is the 25th and I hope I get one!
  6. my fave is the shoulder bag overall (usability, looks, etc) but the satchel is a very very very close second.

    (but for what it's worth i ended up getting the shoulder zip, haha)
  7. I have the shoulder bag.. But I also want the satchel.
  8. I lovelovelove the Shoulder!!
  9. I also fall in love with the Shoulder!
  10. I really like the shoulder!
  11. Love the shoulder bag - have it in 2 colors (and considering it in pond as well)!
  12. Shoulder bag! The one in pond is just gorgeous.
  13. <<<-------My bag the Zip Shoulder Bag
  14. I have the shoulder and find that it has the size, carryability (is that a word?), and shape that I love. Plus it fits everything that thing that I need!
  15. I voted Satchel, because the Shoulder is too small for me, although the Satchel is heavier than an MJ!!!

    I'm also getting the Ali in Whiskey, because I want a Whiskey (I have sig+ebony), and I don't want another heavy one. The Ali isn't my fave, but it has the vintage look, which is good for why I want it.