Favorite Kooba color?

  1. Out of all of your Koobas you own or covet, which is your favorite color?
  2. That Metallic Army is a GORGEOUS color!
  3. I'm always partial to browns like Kooba's luggage. I have to make a point to diversify otherwise I'd have nothing BUT brown.
  4. KoobaLover said it all. I have a Sienna and a Scarlett in Army Metallic and it will always be my favorite. Such a unique color.
    Cognac would be my second.
  5. The oak on the fall corset bags is soooo pretty. It's a really nice brown, no weird orange tones. I just ordered the Brynne on sale in this color...I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:
  6. Gosh, after seeing that red on the Elisha, I would vote for that color. But of the ones I actually own, I adore the Terraine on my Maria. It is a perfect go with everything shade.
  7. well right now the red on the elisha but of what i own or had the option to own DEf the chestnut its such a rich deep brown SO yummy
  8. I love, love, love the red and blonde colors on the Elisha. Not too sure about the actual bag, I love and hate that bow on alternate days. :confused1:
  9. Well, I can't say that the color is beautiful but I would have to say that I'm very fond of the leather on my Kooba Renee. It's kind of a rough and tumble distressed look that gets me every time. Ok, it's not just the leather it's the whole darn bag!

  10. Oh Gosh, forgot about the Terraine. Maybe that is my 2nd favorite after all. I have the Maria too. Isn't it awesome?
  11. Now Lexie, when you actually ~forget~ one of your handbags....might that be a sign you have far too many? *s

    No, that cannot be.

    Yes, I really find my Maria the most versatile bag, just the right size, structured so you open up the snap and the contents are all right there, standing up like little soldiers at attention. There is no fumbling around the bottom of the bag for keys and so forth. And I love the flat braided shoulder strap.

    I also have to say I am glad Kooba makes the interior pockets so large, I can fit my big bunch of keys in them.

    Now I do wish they would put in a key hook (not a clip), that would be so handy.
  12. I don't get it. What's the difference in a key hook or clip? I never did use those things even when I owned Dooneys. But if you need one then Kooba should certainly give you one :smile:.

    I keep my keys in one of those big inner pockets or is they have an outer pocket.
  13. I really like Cognac.