Favorite Kitchen store?

  1. Curious to see what is your favorite Kitchen store? I :heart: Williams-Sonoma, although I also have to say Sur La Table comes in 2nd.
  2. I like Williams-Sonoma, but when I lived in New Jersey, I found Chef Central to be better. Chef Central has better inventory and more diverse products.
  3. In the States:

    I like Williams-Sonoma the best. The Pampered Chef is a close second. I love their stoneware! The stone pizza rock that I have is the best!

    In Germany:

    WMF. Every one of my kitchen utensils come from WMF, as does all of my cutlery and a good junk of my pots and pans :smile:
  4. Chef Central - interesting, I will have to check out their website as I am sure they probably have one. Thanks, I wonder if they have multiple locations - I love shopping for my kitchen.
  5. I love both Williams & Sonoma and Sur La Table, but I also love getting kitchen gadgets from QVC and Wolfgang Puck items from HSN.
  6. crate and barrel
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