Favorite jewelers/jewelry brand

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  1. Although I have some lovely pieces by Tiffany, Cartier, David Yurman, and H. Stern, I find myself wearing the same Tiffany and David Yurman sterling or platinum pieces all the time. My yellow gold pieces have not been used in recent years.

    What are your favorite jewelers or jewelry brands and why?
  2. I am particularly interested in designers or lines that are well-made but not as conventional or prevalent as Tiffany, Cartier, or David Yurman....i.e. designers and lines focusing on white gold, sterling, or platinum that is unique and different.
  3. I love Jude Frances. HEr stuff is verstile and gorgeous. Erica Courtney is also fab
  4. Cartier and adler
  5. I love Ritani platinum pieces...my engagement ring is ritani. Harry Winston is my favorite though..my 3-stone ring is from there and i just adore it. Almost forgot Tiffany, my wedding ring is from Tiffany.
  6. In my first post I was referring to designers of non wedding ring things. For wedding jewelry my favs are Beaudry and Gregg Ruth
  7. I really like Simon G's stuff!
  8. I love Tiffany. Tiffany customer service is wonderful. I also love love Cathy Waterman pieces. Its TDF.
  9. My favorite brands are cartier & van cleef & arpels (especially the vintage alhambra collection). I also like one of a kind estate/vintage or custom pieces. Elana who owns futurefashionista.com made a custom cross necklace for me a few years ago, it's one of my favorites!
  10. Cartier(watches, Trinity bracelet & ring), Harry Winston(diamond & sapphire eternity ring) and lately, strangely- random Signity steel & titanium CZ pieces (from ShopNBC..a home shopping channel/site LOL:sweatdrop:).

    I love to look at Graff and Kaufman de Suisse adverts but no such luck yet.:drool:
  11. Tiffany, excellent service and Simon G is really unique
  12. I have quite a bit of DK Finds jewelry. She was popular in the 90s and designed jewelry for the tv series 90210. Her pieces are harder to find now and I haven't bought one in quite a long time but I have some beautiful 18K yellow and white gold star pieces that she made and I love them. I was able to meet her and have her design a ring for me.

    Other than that I also like Michael G (his lace collection) Jeff Cooper (hubby's wedding ring is one), and Suwa (Japanese company).
  13. Thanks for all the great leads. I did a Google search on several of the brands mentioned and think that I may have found a new favorite.

    FleureDeLis, Jude Frances jewelry is beautiful. I cannot believe I have not come across or heard of this line before... and that is a good thing!
  14. *sigh* I know, It's been said before. Tiffany. I still wear the pieces I recieved back when I was five to ten years old. The older, pre-"Return To" you don't see them on everyone's neck/wrist. And they are fun and ...
    I also love Cartier
    I'm far too traditional...
  15. Michael Bondanza wedding and non-wedding jewlery!!!!! Me & Ro for sterling silver.