Favorite infomercials?

  1. Does anyone else watch infomercials? There are some that I find really entertaining! I always wonder if any of the excersize equipment ones will really help me?! I like the bahamavention ones and the ones that show the knives cutting through the can and the oven one where you can set it and forget it. They really have that wow factor. I ordered windsor pilates a long time ago and have to admit that I never use the dvd's :sad:
    Which are your favorites? Have you ever ordered anything?
  2. ^crazy! lol. ive never ordered anything except for the magic erase board when i was little...
    i love the knife ones, when they send you double for half the price!
    for some reason, these infomercials are so compelling!
    what an interesting topic!
  3. oooh and does anyone remember the one for the marbling kit when they lowered a white car into a pool full of the stuff? :lol:
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: How funny! I was afraid i was the only one who watched those things! My family makes fun of me because i get sucked into watching them ALL THE TIME! I have yet to order anything....but i'm sure i will one day.